P1 Tournament - March 24th, 2007

Portal One Arcade @ Metreon
101 4th St., San Francisco
Located on 2nd Floor

Saturday, March 24th, 2007
Sign-ups: 1230-130pm-ish
Start time: 2pm

Sign-up fee - Flat $5 over all games, goes to the house
Tournament Game fee - $5 for each tourney entered, goes toward pot
Ex: Entrance in CvS2 and MvC2 = $15

Pot Split 70/20/10

As always tourney games WILL be on **FREE PLAY **before (around 12pm) and during the event. May also be left on free play for a little bit after the event.

Games Played

No game breaking glitches.
Games will be best 2/3, except first round and losers bracket of CvS2 will be single game.
Depending on turnout tournament rules may change.

Awww cute.

Best know I’ll be there

Ill run cvs2 again if no one wants to.

hopefully more marvel players show up

illiterate looking forward to seeing you come out.

faijia thanks for wanting to help out again.

dan I hope marvel has a better turnout this time too.

Im in as well.

ima pee on all 3s players

No matter how tempting a golden shower from lintrix might be I think I’ll pass and give you my own with a bit of YAHOO!

thats what I like to hear…:looney:

You gonna bring your wimp ass urien? I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve, sucka.

You comin’ into town this weekend? We should check p1 out.


Sorry Dan I won’t be there unless through some act of god I don’t have to go rafting.

yeah i just realized i have to work that saturday trying to get it off. not looking good, but i’ll def try. if you go dem get that money!

weather permitting Reno might be back for SC3. It was hell comming back last time…no joke we could have died.

Those are the best kinds of rides home

I can’t wait for this :stuck_out_tongue:

One more week from this Sat!!!

So we got Faijia running CvS2 again. Any other volunteers for 3S, MvC2 or SC3?

Duckie thanks for letting us know in the SC forums that Reno’s coming in force.

I’ll help run a bracket if needed

Probably can’t come, big family meet up happening on the same day, if I can I will though

A friend and I will be attending for 3S. Will it be double elimination?

PS - It was nice meeting Goten, Sam, James and Mike during GDC week (I was the Makoto player not using Tanden Renki).