P1 Tourney 4/28/07 (3s, CvS2, MvC2)

Portal One Arcade @ Metreon
101 4th St., San Francisco
Located on 2nd Floor

Saturday, April 28th, 2007
Sign-ups: 12:30-2pm-ish
Start time: 2:15pm-ish
If you know you’re going to be late, please have some one sign you up.

Sign-up fee - Flat $3 over all games, goes to the house
Tournament Game fee - $5 for each tourney entered, goes toward pot
Ex: Entrance in CvS2 and MvC2 = $13

Pot Split 70/20/10

As always tourney games **WILL be **on **FREE PLAY **before (around 12pm) and during the event. May also be left on free play for a little bit after the event.

Games Played

No game breaking glitches.
Games will be best 2/3, except first round and losers bracket of CvS2 will be single game.
Depending on turnout tournament rules may change.

Last tournament was siiiick. I’ll be there with the previous champion…


p.s. You think u can bump up the marvel entry to $15 <3

If people are interested in a bigger pot for marvel I’ll keep the sign-up/reg fee at $5 BUT the pot fee will be $10 instead of $5. People that are interested in this post up. If there isn’t enough interest then it’ll remain $5 to the pot.

Also for those that play SC3 we’re having another SC3 tourney, for more info go here: http://soulcalibur.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=31907

why you trying to take our money? hahaha.

Goooooooood. Consider me there.

But I wish there were better sticks before tourny day or something?

I hope nothing comes up like last time and I can make it to this one with some scrubby friends (A.K.A team free money)

I’ll try to make this… neezy got me curious… how big was the turnout last time for marvel?

sup cammy GOD!

The tournout had a suprising 18 players last time. Lot of ppl say they get below 10 but I guess I caught a lucky day.

Reguardless, I’m making this one along with Grimace and possibly alot more.
Atmosphere is pretty dope, head to head marvel cabinet, alot of hype even from the P1 scrubs. I wish more quality players would attend =/

you got top 3 eassy.

Not unless my stupid Juggs/Charlie/Doom team rolls on you. How can you even handle a sonic boom that moves SO SLOW? Just blew your mind

Supz nEEEEzy!! Yeah I’ve played there before… has those swipe cards. LOL i got owned in cvs2 by roll grabs there. As far as top 3, i dunno i don’t take anyone for granted anymore. 18 is a damned good turnout tho. The stick are kinda tall and loose there last time i played IMO. I hope to make it.

Going through the numbers of entrants from what I have for the tournaments, marvel has only once had the minimum. Every other time it’s had double digit turnout. Our last tournament actually had the best turnout so far. Hopefully we’ll see you all there. :tup:

Hey Phellix… put in those orders for the 360’s and i’ll help you install them myself… just let me know when you get them in and i’ll test out all the games for you. aight…

Goten supports the community so the community supports Goten back.

I’ll be coming to this tournament. I’m bringing Ricky, Itayon, Keystone2boss Albert, and maybe more. Is the bar next door open during tournament hours?

Choiboy the resturant (LJ’s Martini Club) actually closed aroud March 28th. Due partly to that the bar we have in the arcade is also closed for the time being. However we are working to reopen our bar. I’ll keep you updated.

Edit: They also sell beer and wine in the food court plus there’s always Jillian’s on the 1st floor.

Also for those that are driving, the 5th and Mission Garage is close but can be expensive. Other Parking Options if you don’t mind walking a couple blocks: 5th st & Folsom st (where I park), 5th st & Howard st or 3rd st & Harrison st all have open parking lots that charge a **FLAT ALL DAY **rate of about $8-12.

I know for a fact, 5th and Folsom has a parking attendant there till at least 2am since it’s a club night. Wherever you park though DO NOT leave anything that is or can seem valuable in visible sight. Just as a precaution.

nice, Ill be there, but if the keystone killers are coming it may just be third strike for me. Nice

Wow, sounds like this tourney is gonna be hype!
I hope my performance wont be as stupid as last tourney, that is if i kan make this one at least. Regardless, i look forward to this one!

I’ll be there.

707 3S will be there; last time SFSU got the easy 3rd Strike win. Not this time, fellas.




PLUS 3RD STRIKE AND NOW KOFXI AND TEKKEN5!!!:lovin: :looney: :wgrin:

Let’s all go to this and show some support.

Never been to P1 but I hear the CVS2 sticks need to be replaced… I got 2 new extra P360 joysticks you can have at the price I bought them for if you want them.

Anyway, KS2 SuperPowers will be there. :tup: