P2P 3s Team Tournament Poll format

As said in the title…i plan on making a 3s team tournament on p2p for players, unfortunately, ONLY in the U.S (depending on the turnout)…

There are 2 formats that ive been wanting to do:

  1. SBO style format- 3 man per team / 16 teams/ single elim/ no duplicate characters in a team (EX: Ken, Ken, Chun- No good)


  1. Cooperation Cup style format- 5 man per team /8 teams / single elim/ duplicate characters are allowed (EX: Ken, Ken, Yun, Chun, Urien :tup: )

now im starting this thread in order to get feedback on what kind of team tournament or tournaments you 3s players would like to have…

With Exo having his hands full with the ranbats…i plan on running these team tournaments on the side if i am able to…however some tournaments may vary depending my schedule…FOR EXAMPLE: i could hold one on a friday then another on a saturday or sunday…

As time passes…if i plan a team tournament for a certain date…ill hold a poll for 1 week to determine which format will be used

im hoping to make this as successful as Exodus’ ranbats

rules and other regulations will be determined as feedback is given from you guys…post away

3 on 3 seems like the most logical. I can’t imagine a 5 on 5 with more than 2 teams.

id prefer the 2 man mi ka do style myself ,but of your two options i go with 1

well they do it for the Coop cup tournaments so i just thought it would be an idea to put out there…we’ll see how things go though

i was thinking about it but idk…ill put a poll up there for it in case ppl want to do it…i have no problem running that too

Edit: damnit i just figured out that i cant add a poll :frowning:

after the first team tournament ill add it to the poll in a new thread

I should have worded that differently. I mean 5 people is a bit excessive judging from the turnouts of recent tournaments. Also, a group that large is harder to manage online as opposed to all of us hanging out at an arcade.
Those are just my opinions though, I want to know how other people feel.

US only? WTF? I’m a half an hour’s drive from the US border!

stop hating on canada nica!

i’m all for this. please make sure teams are somewhat balanced. it’s no fun for anyone if teams are hella stacked with one-sided skill level players.

lol im sorry if you live in like Canada or something then thats fine but to unfortunately NO ONE FROM EUROPE, ASIA, OR SOUTH AMERICA DUE TO THE AMOUNT OF DELAY AND/OR LAG INVOLVED…at the end of the day ppl complain and im just trying to avoid all that…

oh yeah and neiman i already had that in mind to mix up teams RANDOMLY…ill make a video if need be in order to show fairness…what i plan on doing is listing everyone who will join and make teams by random selection, put the teams on brackets (randomly of course), and ill be providing links to the brackets…

3-man teams,

if we do 5-man we’re gonna end up with like 3 teams total, lol

We should also do it like SBO where you can’t have the same character on one team.

yeah i said that in the format listed above for SBO lol…well i guess by default ill have a SBO style tournament…date and other fun stuff will be posted in a new thread but ill be giving enough time for ppl to practice and to sign up…but BE WARNED

dont expect to be put on a strong team…im going to have anyone who is 100% to join and post there name and character…ill be dividing it up into character sections and make teams randomly

EX: 12 players enter with there characters






ill randomly select a player from 1 section and put him in a spot…then randomly select another player from another section and so on and so forth

this is to ensure complete fairness in the selection process so no one can complain about a team consisting of 3 strong players while others get stuck with the weaker players…w/e team you are given, you stay with

i hope this will be fair for you players and if there are any other suggestions let me know here

AGAIN date, rules, and requirements will be posted as i find a date on my schedule…SLEEP in FEAR tonight lol

I would like Mi-Ka-Do, two characters to one person.

SBO style is ok, but I prefer Mi-Ka-Do. Co-Op cup style couldnt work for reasons already stated.

yeah i wanted to add it to the poll but i dont think ill be able to edit it…but for now im going to stick with the SBO format first…then for my second team tournament ill put a poll of either mi-ka-do or SBO…for now its SBO style

I think a 2v2 tournament would be even better. Reason being is that you can easily get a teammate for a 2v2, and even if you can’t, you could show up at the tourney time and still probably get one from people who don’t have partners yet. I think 3v3 will clearly get more teams than 5v5, but it’s still possible/likely one teammate or more can’t show on a given date.
My vote is for 3v3 otherwise.

Also, let Canada play. I’m not even from there, but it will hurt the turnout if you don’t let them play. Besides, delay is no worse than EC vs WC delay, in my experiences, oftentimes better.

Looking forward to the tournament.

Edit: didn’t see your post about arranging teams. Nevermind some of my post.

yeah i accidently said only US assuming that everyone outside of the US has a heavy delay…but i forgot that Nataku’s connection is similar to EC and plus he’s in Canada…so basically US and Canada ARE ALLOWED

information such as the date, time, etc will be posted tomorrow

funny all these fellas saying exactly what LION said a couple posts above,
lets not dilute these forums with empty words sayers…

you can always make up your own rules

The Nica KO Cup style, lol

I personally would want it to be 5v5 with no same characters… which would be like combining SBO and Coop cup style, but I guess finding 5 is hard

yeah depending on the turnout of this one…for all we know there could be enough…but eh who knows…lol i like that name too lol

ill see if i can make my own rules for a team tournament or something