P2P Public Games Request

There’s no prompt when someone joins your game. Half the time people leave before I realize they’ve joined. I understand that it wasn’t originally necessary because P2P was by IP only, but you should have the icon on the taskbar flash or something when someone enters.

or at least that popping sound that 0.64 used to make =/

In you control panel, find “sound and audio devices.” In the “Sounds” tab, set something louder for “default beep” under program events.

I always hear my beep when someone pops in. Flashing would be nice too since Im always doing something else. Great tool BTW =]]

I’d prefer some kind of flash prompt. I have all my windows sounds disabled because I find them annoying. Plus I’m blasting music most of the time anyway.

This client also need a working “hyperlink” feature. Seriously, I hate highlighting a URL then do “ctrl + C -> ctrl + V” all the time.

Well, I’m not too thrilled about these extra features. I’d prefer something simple, smooth and stable over something overdone any day of the week. Its the only thing that matters. I think I’ll stop link highlighting for the next version. I find those people using windows network name prefix to highlight names in lobby extremely uncool. Next version will have the taskbar flashing thing whenever it comes out.

This may be just me, but I find it more difficult to exit a game that has crashed during online play. Its like I have to ctrl alt del just to get control again and even that doesnt work sometimes. The other day I had to do a cold reboot.

Is there a way to quick escape from the game once it crashes like that? I noticed in some other versions of Kailera I could exit it no problem but the latest version seems to fight with me a lot when I try to close it after a crash. Might just be my system though. Anyone else experience this?

if ctrl+alt+dlt doesnt work, then yeah you might be in trouble. go to processes and end it there, dont end it from applications or it will stay frozen.

If it’s not closing properly after you end task, try right clicking the icon on the taskbar and closing it manually that way. Usually, it’ll cause it to error and close on its own.

Are you using a single core/threaded processor?

I must also say when there is a freeze and Im fullscreen, while alt+tab is working in real I still have the black window. So its kinda like I must know the sequence of alt + space in order to reach the drop button without seeing what I’m doing. This is a flow since the old kaillera system could autodrop after some seconds (and prevents the crash). The only way I found to exit from fullscreen aside from playing with tab is going standby from the keyboard key (some has it)

anyone on? tryna test some sggk’s =]

Players can’t connect to me when I host p2p, neither can I connect to me if I open two clients having one host and one try to connect. I can connect to others through p2p and play, but no one can connect to me. The ip address is correct and my windows firewall is off. Am I missing a step or is it something I have to or set in windows for port 27888?