P2P won't connect to the server

Why won’t P2P kaillera search for games, show my ip, or let me host?? No firewall no router. regular kaillera is just fine! Happened all of a sudden, like the server doesn’t work… WTF!!! Using NFBA and Mame32K, and they both act the same.

It’s down for now dude. Dont panick, just use the conect through IP option.
Get your IP from portforward.com
You can tell when p2p is down when it wont give you your IP

Sometimes it happens

At the moment it is working, though

Where should it say this? I haven’t yet gotten P2P to connect thru server work so if I see this maybe I can determine the problem!

First you have to host a game and then you will see a button that says whats my ip. Click that button and thats it. Any thiing else I can help with just shoot :tup:


Thanks for your help! I just got the P2P to work today actually…?wow, there really is nobody playing open matches on there, is there? I found a single 3S game and thats it. But at least its working…

Yeah, generally, people don’t use the waiting games list very much in P2P. More often, people just arrange games with friends that they know.

There are threads on this forum to help with matchmaking if you want places to find opponents. Let me know if you need help. :tup: