P360 Installation Problem

Everything worked fine when i was using a competition stick, but i encountered a problem trying to install the P360 joystick in an arcade console I made for my PS2.

My problem is that I am getting +5V on the outputs and 0 volts if I press in that direction. I need the opposite (0 Volts and +5 when I press in a direction).

If this normal for this joystick(HAPP Controls part number 50-6083-50) could someone please help me design around this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


That’s normal. Arcade systems use a common ground. What are you using that requires a common high?

Use an inverter chip like a 74HC04 to change the four directions, and it’ll act just as you say you need.

I am using some third party psx or ps2 (cant remember) dual shock controller.

It has a positive 3.3V common that is uses. I will try to find the 74HC04 inverter chip like you said and I imagine it would work. The only problem is that now I will have to cut off my spade connectors and do some more soldering.

i hope this will do the trick. thanks for the help

Would it matter if he had the Directions wired to the grounds of the pads?

If you have the p360 connected with terminals like the p360 is made to, then use the inverter on a small piece of prototyping board, and have the wires from it end in female spade terminals (p360 side) and male spade terminals (controller pcb side). Disconnect the existing terminals from the p360, plug them into the male spade terminals on the board, and plug the female terminals from the board into the p360. Then you just gotta tap power and ground for the inverter and you’re done.