P360 mod for hori ex2 stick?

I am just wondering if this kind of mod is possible?

Just the base of the stick alone is taller than the case. A p360 is a very bulky stick, and hori sticks are very compact. The P360 is just way too big.

Knowing the relatively small size and light weight of the EX2, and the feel of a good P360, you wouldn’t want one in there. Even if the rubber feet grip well enough to prevent it from sliding around, the whole thing will probably flip over every time you try to jump from a crouch. :rofl:

Ive heard from some stick makers that P360 and xb360 doesnt work well. I forgot what exactly he said, but he said something was wrong with using it. Just to throw that in there.

I thought you just need to use relays. Don’t ask me though, I’m just regurgitating.

I wonder if the extra power draw would make the console burn out faster. (I’m an electronics novice so I wouldn’t know.) I mean, that volt line isn’t anything that wouldn’t be used anyway, but people get RROD’s using only stock, 1st party stuff all the time.

At least the Dreamcast’s problems went away when you restarted it! :lol:

Very interesting. I just wanted to try it out. Trying to figure out what I like best octo, square, p360. I didn’t like square too much, but I hear I should which to square after I get better on octo. I try to practice on GGPO 1-3 hours a day. But still I am having problems canceling in double quarter circle specials or just doing them at all. Any advice? I know more Practice. Thanks for the help everyone!

Also I’ve been on pad most of my life. Just starting on joystick.