P360 Not working with PS2

I have had a mas stick with a p360 for about five years now.

When on character select screens in games such as MvC2 I can hold any direction and the cursor cycles through characters extremely quick. Or if I hold back while in game I dash. Is this the stick? If so. what would it take to put another stick into it?

I am pretty good with wires and hooking things up but have never done any work with joysticks.

Also the mas stick has Dreamcast and PS2 hookups… the ps2 one does not work. Is there an easy way to fix this?


I hate to do this, but someone here has to be able to tell me something about this.

please please let me know!

The MAS pcb might be the problem because MAS sticks set up for more than one system (or just for Dreamcast) are known to have problems such as weird blue screens of death and blowing out your controller ports. If you order from them in the future, only get playstation support and use adapters to connect it to other systems. There could also be a problem with the p360 as p360s are known to have severe manufacturing/design defects such as misaligned diodes and messed up washers.

This is what I would do in your situation:

  1. Replace the MAS pcb with a ps1 one and see if the problem persists (use controller adapters/converters to hook it up to your Dreamcast). If this fixes your problem, then you are good to go. If not, read on.
  2. If the problem persists, see if you can get a washer from the original poster of this thread.
  3. If you can get the replacement washer, then buy a new p360, replace the washer, and install the joystick in your MAS. Your mas should work fine with the PS1 pcb and the new, modified p360.
  4. If you cannot obtain the replacement washer, then buy a Happ Competition (see my Happ FAQ for more information about Happ parts) to install in your arcade stick as unmodified p360s have severe manufacturing/design flaws and will ironically wear out much faster than any decent microswitch-based joystick. You can buy a hard spring for the competition if you prefer the stiffer feel of a p360. With a new Happ Comp and a PS1 pcb, your controller should work perfectly.

I’m thinking of just going the microswitch route. i’ve never liked the p360 all that much.

i’ve never did any work with sticks, i’m sure it’s not too hard to find a diagram to do all this though.

I have no issue with soldering as i’ve did electrical work on cars before.

any more tips would be appreciated.

Didnt the 360s become real bad when they stopped making the Wico ones?

Least i remember something like that and Happ bought them out or something.

Adam, I would definately recomend a competition stick, they are fairly inexpensive and last a good while.

First off, verify it happens with all four directions. Load up CvS2, go to training mode, and turn on key display. Move the stick in each direction and hold it, pressing an occasional button. If it keeps rapidly pressing the direction, the key display should zoom. If its working normally, it should only show the direction once. If its all four directions like you say, keep going, otherwise post up what happened.

Unplug the stick and open 'er up. The p360 has six wires going to it; four that are soldered to little metal pieces on the p360 that are the directions (MAS always seems to solder to them), and a red and black wire that some out of it directly. The red is the +5 voltage; NO TOUCHY! You do something silly with it, you can fry the MAS and the DC. Pay attention to the black wire; that’s ground. Look at the top of the MAS PCB, you should see a bunch of spots labeled 104 that are empty. Using your multimeter, pick one of those 104 spots, and find out wich one of the two holes is connected to ground; checking resistance between the black p360 wire and the hole should tell you, the resistance will be almost zero; make certain you are certain, because the other will be the same +5v that can cause problems. Solder a wire into the ground hole, prolly 12" long. You’re gonna use it for testing. If you’d rather not do the soldering, you could expose some of the insulation on the black p360 wire and connect a wire there with an alligator clip. Once you have your ground wire, plug it back in, and go back to CvS2 training mode. If you touch the ground wire to one of the four direction tabs on the p360, it should move in that direction. As long as you hold it steady on the tab, check to see if the key display is zooming like before, or holding steady.

If its zooming, on all four directions, then somethings fubared with your PCB and itll need replaced. If the directions are holding as they should when using the ground wire, then the p360 will need replaced.

As for the PSX problem, its impossible to saw without know what is wrong with it and you didn’t explain any of that. First thing to do is replace the PSX cable; just gank one from a cheap controller or extension cord, remove the old and solder in the new.

I’ll try all of this!

thanks everyone… anything else i need to know is appreciated.


I put in a new cord and the stick works fine with playstation 2 now.

How difficult would it be to put a Competition stick in the mas? It’s a P360 now obviously.



It stopped working after i powered the ps2 off.

Swapping the stick out for a competition is not hard at all. Just disconnect the connects on the stick, and swap out the sticks. They should still be using the same mounting points. I had my competition stick swapped out about 4 years ago with P360, and no extra work was required aside from locating the power source on the MAS board.

i’ll buy your p360 if you get rid of it :slight_smile:

Hey, I’ve recently installed a P360 into and new buttons into an somewhat old MAS PCB. When we first tested it, it was working fine. However, when I took the stick home later to try out some combo’s and what-not due to what I was hearing about newer P360’s I was noticing that the stick would sometimes stop working and then start working once again.

I was also getting a lot of blue screens. After a while, another friend put the ground from the P360 onto the jab button, where originally it was on the start button, and it seemed to work just fine. And on occasion, the stick just stop working but it seemed that the soldering job was just weak and not holding down the wires properly, and again, the stick was working just fine. The next day, the stick would simply not work properly at all, and nothing was done to it. On the character select screen for MVC2, it would jump all over the place if you moved in one direction, and during actual gameplay, it would simply blue screen alot. However, we moved the stick onto the 1P port and it worked flawlessy for about 3 hours.

The same thing happened with the PS2 connection, it would struggle to move, and not even hitting buttons would do anything (a problem that did’nt happen on the Dreamcast) but once I tried it on the 2P side of the PS2, again, it worked flawlessy. But when playing MvC2 again, on occasion it would either do uppercut moves when I would do QCF motions, or it would simply stop for a brief moment.

I believe the PCB was meant for two system hookup’s. When I got it, it only had a PS2 connection, but we added a Dreamcast cord to it and it worked except for the problems mentioned above. I do not have a select button and I’m not sure if the problem could be due to a ground wire not properly placed, or if it’s the PCB or what.

Can anyone help?

I have a Mas stick with a DC/PS2 pcb. The stick has a Perfect 360 and works fine on dreamcast. However, PS2 support does not work.

when i check voltage of the stick when it is plugged into ps2… it reads 5v. Therefore, I know the stick is getting power.
but the stick/buttons to not work.

any help would be appreciated.

ur stick is cursed! It killed my DC lolol

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