P360 or 8-way Joysticks? (For Comp.)

P360 or 8-way Joysticks? Which is better for competition/tournaments? Or is it a matter of preference?

Another question, do your finger-nails affect how you play?

I don’t know if this matters to you, but perfect 360s are way more expensive, and I can play on either one. I’d just as soon buy the cheaper one. I can tell the difference, but I don’t really prefer the perfect 360 over anything.

p360 all the way. If you play often your 8 way will start fucking up around 3-4 months. The problem only gets worse every day you play on it. It wont be noticeable until it really fucks up. When you fuck a combo up you want to say that you fucked it up yourself. You never want to 2nd guess your equpitment. Your local arcade probably use 8-ways in most of their sticks. Those cheap things break in no time. Youll hardly hear people complain about p360’s. For the simple fact that they dont really break. I have an 8 way comp from happs and it worked well when it did work. Now its all battled out and on its death bed and ive had it less than 6 months.

i think the 8 way comp series cost 20$ and the p360’s cost like 40-50 at most. If you do get a p360 you probably wont have to worry about your stick breaking for at least 2 years. Im not sure if they last for a life time but they hardly break from what i’ve heard and read. If your a big marvel player its an automatic p360. I know a guy whos had his mas stick for 5 years and it still works like the day he bought it. mas come with p360’s if you didnt know that.

This is just from personal exp. If you like the american style you cant go wrong with the p360’s. If you like the little jap sticks there good too. Its just that the p360 is so durable and reliable. I’ve read stories about peoples sticks breaking at tourneys and they would have to play on someone elses. That kind of shit could cost you a match if all you know is your stick. When you read about someones stick breaking its usually an 8-way or a jap stick. Hardly ever a p360.

if you do grab a p360 ask for some loose, normal and stiff springs. Get at least 2 of each if you can. There only like 15-30 cents a piece I think from happs. The springs happs put in their factory p360’s are a little stiff I think. Its good to have several on the side in case you think the factory one is too stiff\loose.

It’s really a matter of preferance. I’ve had a Happ comp stick in one of my SFAC stick mods and it still works as good as the day I did it last year. I can’t justify the cost of a P360 over a comp to recommend it. And FYI comp sticks can be had for around $8…

You are misinformed…

I have repaired more P360’s than Happ supers(my personal choice)…
and I’ve got over a dozen sticks out there using Supers, and only know of 2 peeeps with P360’s, both of them experienced problems.

P360’s are an option with MAS sticks. It’s $35 more that way.
See “example 1” at the bottom of the page

I have old 8-ways that were on location for several years in unattended places. They still work great. Never had a problem with Comps or Supers. Ultimates on the other hand… not worth the install time IMO.

Fingernails? :confused:

Ultimates are crap. The new SF 8-in-1 machine at crossgates (arcade) has supers. Absolute garbage.

it’s all a matter of preference as stated in several posts.

about finger nails…yes they do; but only depending on how you play. i usually play in one of two positions. with sanwa buttons, because they are more sensitive i have my fingers laying across so it’s finger print touching the buttons. now for american buttons i usually use my finger tips more, this is where long nails will hurt you. if i haven’t cut my nails in a few days i usually bend them, hurt my fingers or slip on a button due to the length :slight_smile:

i don’t know if it’s something people have noticed or not but i sure did.

I wonder… what makes ultimates so bad? I have heard this before.

They are just poorly built overall. The shaft is thinner, it feels less responsive than a comp and the plastic it’s made of feels cheap too. Maybe it’s just me, but they seem as though they were poorly designed. Kind of like Namco giving the PSP DR and not PS2. That’s a poorly designed decision.

How many sticks have you repaired and what maker werethe P360s, should I stay away from this brand? Do you recommend a certain brand for P360s?

I’m thinking of getting a custom arcade stick done for me from someone in Florida. Which P360 joystick should I go for? (brand) I want the arcade stick for the PS2. Also I want very sensitive and the best buttons, is sanwa to go? And if so, which?

My suggestion would to be just to go for the Perfect 360 stick and happ competition buttons. Happ makes both perfect 360s and competition buttons. check out ponyboy’s sales on arcadecontrols.com’s forums.

P360 is patented by Happ, so they are the supplier.

The main problem with the stick is the fact that the LED’s are often off by a few degrees, making the corners tighter than they already are. When the corners go from 45 degree to 25 degree throw, you end up getting punched in the face when you know you’re holding downback. For some reason, fireball supers come out real good on P360’s.

Comp buttons are sensitive enough that when I hit confirm something, I risk pressing the button if I lay my finger on it.

But isn’t sanwa better? Particularly for Sensitiveness. (Which is the most sensitive one?)

No wonder I cant do shit on my cab…I think ima have to go with comps next time I get some $$$

ultimates are made of the exact same materials as comps, the just feel ruff to play because of strange design choices.
Sanwa jlf-tp I find the most responsive and sensitive sticks, although I have got 3 different seimitsus I have yet to try out.

Sanwa are probably the most sensetive buttons available.

Either way, whether it be installing the stick, finding the needed 5v or it even shorting out, you’re going to encounter more problems with a P360 than a Competition.

From strictly a play standpoint, I think it’s mostly up to preference. If you’re already comfortable with using one type, I wouldn’t bother trying to switch because the transition can be rough. I had never used a P360 until a few months ago and I couldn’t do shit with it. It just seemed really weird because I wasn’t used to it. I would just suggest going what you’re already comfortable with.