P360 vs comp

What’s the difference between a competition joystick and p360 I currently own a mas that has a comp stick in it but wanted to purchase one that has a p360 also does anyone know where I can get a mas I got mine years back from arcade shock

From the Happ website

The Happ P360 uses uses optical sensors instead of mechanical switches.
Still gives out the same output as a traditional mechanical joystick.

The Happ Competition Joystick, Also known as the iL Eurojoystick has 4 mechanical switches.
Before the split between Suzo-Happ and Industrias Lorenzo (or iL) these sticks are the one and the same other than the branding.
Since Happ broke their partnership with iL they moved their production from Spain to China and the quality dropped and is less consistent.

Which version of the Competition stick your MAS has can varry, including when your Mas stick was built.

Where to get the Happ Perfect 360°, I don’t know as Happ no longer sells the part on their website.

is the Wico P360 any different ? and do you know where i can get one

Well Wico is long since been out of business you ether need to search the net and check google.
A Wico P360 since they are no longer made and much more rare than the Suzo-Happ P360 is going to go for a higher price.

Big difference is that the Suzo-Happ P360 used a spring while the Wico use a Rubber Grommet similar to Korean style arcade sticks.
There also several versions of the Wico P360, the first was a kit that is added to an existing Wico 8-Way Leaf Switch, how how the Flash 1 or toodles Spark is a kit for the Sanwa JLF.
There also 6 variations to the Wico P360.

Source - The Optical Joystick Discussion

which is the best version of the wico p360? ill also check ebay or trading outlet to purchase one also is a mas easy to mod i just want to change the comp stick ive never done it before

The one you can find and is in working order

On rare occasions the mvc2 Facebook group will have members trying to sell some p360s but your best bet is the trading outlet.