P360 VS Happ Competition....WTF?

ok which one is better i just modded my sfac stick and put in at Happ competiton like the mod guide said on that site…i heard the 360 is sucky and buggy but what would i have to do to put it in my sfac box and is it THAT much a improvement (if any) over the happ comp.?

Like someone told me…

“Ah. The good old noob question. Whichever one is more comfortable to you is the best.”

My personal opinion, I like p360 better. A friend of mine has a competition stick and I can use it decently, but it’s not exactly my favorite either.

It’s not an “improvement”, it’s more like a preference.

If you’re going the microswitch, US style stick approach, Comp is the best (from what I’ve heard).

P360’s are a different beast entirely. They are optical lense and a spring, so you don’t “feel” the clicks of Japanese style or Comp style sticks. You don’t feel anything. Some people swear by it, others don’t.

Also yeah I heard they can have problems, they are expensive to purchase and fix.

I like not feeling the clicks, I guess that’s why I like mine.

Most p360s come badly calibrated, I wouldn’t recommend them if your not sure what your doing.
The only bat stick I like is the sanwa JLW.
Comps can come badly made too. The motion is supposed to be round with no lumps.
However the microswitches can be screwed on fractionally off meaning the actuator hits the switch and stops the shaft from hitting the round base of the stick.
I have sanded down switches to help with the problem, sometimes you need to sand the black plastic next to each switch as well.
Once the stick is moving in a smooth circle its not so bad, but Sanwas and seimitsus are still more precise.

There is nothing wrong with P360s. I prefer them over all other types of joysticks. The only problem is that they get lost over the translation to console. In the arcade, they are perfect sticks and are greatly sensitve, but except for like the 2-3, all the console ones are just terrible usually due to poor wiring or not enough voltage or the myriad of other problems that go into making the transfer.

I say go COMP with Omiron microswitches. I made a joystick with that setup, nice and stiff hybrid. Sensitive enough that you can feel every click, but rugged enough you can get stupid with it.

yeah, what he said. I wouldn’t recommend putting a p360 on a console controller.

I’ve never actually used omiron switches, are they stiffer than cherry?

P360’s require 5v aswell so you’ll need to find that somewhere… You wont be able to do it without soldering…

Final_cut: Much stiffer than Cherry switches. Gives the joystick a much more sensitive response but since its HAPP you can still muscle things out if you want to.

I finally tried MAS P360 today and I have to say it is a significant upgrade over Happ Competition. You don’t feel the clicky sound and you don’t feel the “square”. It really is just that, a PERFECT 360 circle, smooth as silk.

I don’t know how durable it is but I would be going P360 100% of the times for all my future sticks myself. It is much more stiff than HRAP’s and probably can stand far more abuse (not that I am an abusive player, friends may be).

Once you are used to P360 it is doubtful you will like anything else, they just feel cheap IMO.

feel the square? i never felt the square on my competition. i tried out my friend’s p360, its a good stick and i would use it over my competition, but i feel my comp is good enough.

One problem is P360’s stiffness. Competition may be better for long hours of play.

IMO, I hate the stiffness of the p360, I use sanwa and competition tho.

Instead P360 better buy Ultimarc UltraStik 360. U360 has no click too. Base is from Sanwa JLW. U360 can work in digital and analog modes.

Personally I cant see any reason to use a p360 or comp over a sanwa or seimitsu but thats just me.
By feeling the square I think you mean the actuator because the comp should feel like a perfect 360 circle but with clicks in it.
Most dont but some do, and you can mod them to feel smooth too.
Cant you switch springs in a p360 if its too stiff?

You can.
About modify P360 you can read there:

But as I write in other thread better is buy U360 joystick where modifications are not required. Read there:

Anybody got information on that Ultimarc? I’m interested in building an arcade stick for the Xbox 360 that also has 2 of those as the analog sticks.
I’m wondering if you need to buy the wire harness, and how difficult setup is for the thing.

U360 in analog mode for this time works on PC only. Andy probably will prepare console adapters in future.
At this time you can connect U360 to consoles the same way as P360 (digital mode only). 5V and ground are required.

That’s no good. Are there any sticks that can be used in analog mode for consoles???