P4A: An Early Downfall?


I’ve been playing PS3 online 3-4 times a week recently and there’s usually a pretty decent amount of people on


Just got P4A. XBL seems to have about 1-3 player lobbies at any given time (East Coast USA). I’ve yet to see more than 16 people on at one time, and I see the same 7 people all the time. I kinda like it, it’s like a small sub-sect who just plays this game, (especially since 50% are also newbies).


Anime fighers always have more players on PS3. Some Japanese games never get 360 releases, and PS3 is far and away the console of choice throughout Asia. I live in Hong Kong and I can’t think of a single person with a 360. So unless you’re playing SF, PS3 is probably the way to go.


A lot of that probably has to do with brand recognition. A lot of P4A players are fans of the Persona RPGs, which only exist on Sony platforms.


Gonna have to agree with most people here that PS3 has the more active players. I’m a major scrub and I still find other players at my level.


P4A confirmed for EVO, now would be a great time to get people back into this game.


Heylo P4A community,

Figured this would be a decent thread to post this in… I’ve managed to play P4A a few times, maybe a grand total of 15-20 minutes.
I own a PS3 and have been contemplating picking this game up to add to the collection. Would anyone be interested in a showing
a new player the ropes? I’m not new to fighting games at all, it’d just be the mechanics unique to P4A I would need some time with.

Going to be picking it up some time this week, probably this coming Tuesday.
Posted here just so everyone can see that there’s at least ONE potential new player. :slight_smile:



Always up for helping out new players here. A lot of mechanics in P4A aren’t exactly unique, if you play a wide array of fighting games, you’ll see a lot of recognizable mechanics.


@Nihil - I’m assuming you’re also on PSN? I’m hoping to finish up this album before I hop into a new game! I may just ask my friend to borrow it so I can play at night after the studio, then pick it up once I found my first main. Add me ahead of time, I play a lil’ of everything in the way of fighters (Dark Souls much? lulz).



I’m switching over to ps3 more for p4a and skull girls lately. It’s pretty active but it sucks because I already paid for 360 colors and glasses lol.

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Just picked the game up. PS3. Add “rubixgroove” when ever PSN comes back up… /angryfist



Anyone? C’mon. :smiley:
Not sure if this is a good choice or not (as far as popularity goes…) but I am “maining” Labrys for now. Not Shadow Labrys but OG, lil’ robot homie Labrys. I am hoping she isn’t a hyper-popular character, I tend to like the under dogs.


Sorry, Sony was down for most of the day I was home yesterday and I went out about when it came back up. I’m pretty busy this weekend as well, but I’ll try to get on on Tuesday to help you out.

Labrys isn’t too popular, a decent choice though because her auto-combo is really beginner friendly (works well on ground and anti-air confirms). She can be played pretty simple or complex depending on preferences too, so that’s a nice plus.


You can add me, it’s just AnneIFrank. Labrys is a character I play a lot and love, but she has a serious shortcoming and can get frustrating.


I am all for characters with short-commings. I’m a Chun main through and through… so, I’m part of the choir my broham. :stuck_out_tongue:


The big one is her reversal is arguably useless and her moves are slow, so under pressure you get pretty messed up. Other than that she has good stuff.


^ Lulz… sounds a lot like Chun in SF4…


As far as popularity goes, the game is actually still just as active in the anime community. We lost pretty much all of the RPG/shinything players who we were going to lose anyways. Netplay seems to be more populated than GG/BB, so I would say it is far from dead.

I just bought a PS3 to get decent netplay for this and BBCP (and because Lightning is hot). There really is a world of difference from 360, so I’m not disappointed with my purchase at all. It’s kind of interesting that a thread like this exists, because I actually think this is the most successful enterprise from the anime community into the mainstream FGC, and it’s the gateway for successful transitions in the future. I really hope this game gets an update or a sequel just to strengthen our community even more.


Yeah, I’d like to see this game stick around. BB caught a lot of hate from players all over… GG gets hate from all the newbies who can’t make a break into it. Seems like this game is perfectly accessible to anyone who actually wants to check it out.

@Celebrity - Add me on PSN (rubixgroove). I just started playing but am looking for a good crew to level up with… since there’s none locally for me to do that with.



im new to this game and fighting games in general but ya this game is quite active, i always find a game on the ps3