P4A - How do I read combos...?


It’s kinda embarrassing to ask this question…


like, what does this translate to? Do I press A two times or 5 times? What do the numbers mean!?



How do you play Blazblue CS - Basics?

Oh… thanks!


Mr. X, thanks for coming through with both of those graphics on hand.
OldShorts, in case you (or anyone else) is wondering, there are a few main reasons for using “numpad” notation:

1: It is more easily legible across languages
2: It is easier to write complex motions with - [4]128D versus “charge b, rqcb, u+D” or “charge b, db, d, u+D”. This doesn’t really apply in Persona.
3: In “capcom” notation, you’ll see things like “ABDC” for “Air Backdash Cancel”, which can be confusing when A, B, C, and D are buttons. Of course, air backdash cancels aren’t that common, but backdash cancelling, dash cancelling, and airdash cancelling are.


I believe that, at least in Japan, numeric is used for every fighting game.


Yeah it avoids confusion.


Plus it doesn’t make any sense for a japanese person to type “QCF+LP” :stuck_out_tongue:


They would type “QCF+RP”

Quarter circre + ROW PANCH! :razzy: