P4A Ultimax Q&A Thread

Wellll this forum is quite dead lately, but with the release of Ultimax in Japan (and soon North America!) I wanted to start up a thread on SRK where new players could ask questions about the game. Feel free to ask anything here, I will check the thread regularly!

Greetings! I’ve been playing Arena for a while (just decent at it), and I was wondering what new combos, setups, etc. that Shadow Labrys has in Ultimax. Got my preorder already and pretty hype about it. Hopefully I’ll achieve pro status someday. Thanks in advance!

Shadow Labrys is buffed in P4AU. She has higher overall damage, and she benefits more than most characters from a lot of the system changes (low profile on sweep, hop cancels) and the persona being able to special cancel its normals.

Your combo routes and setups are going to change a lot since she lost her easy guillotine oki, and Dustloop is going to be your best bet to get that kind of specific information, since I don’t play the character. But maybe there are some Shabrys players lurking around here still.

Wanting to pick up P4U2… Should I go ahead and purchase the game on PSN or wait for the Xbox 360 US release? Do better players prefer to play the Persona series on XBL or PSN? Any help is appreciated!

Better off getting it on PSN. The airdasher community favor the PS3 over 360.

That settles it! Thanks Hawkingbird!

I’m having a hard time getting the basics of the game down. More specifically when I should do certain moves when not to and remembering what moves use how much meter. I’ve been playing arcade mode, challenge mode and recently the score attack mode every day for about a week. I’d appreciate any pointers or references.


Play online. Try to find a beginner lobby, or at least a seasoned player who’s willing to help you learn. That’s the best and fastest way to get comfortable with a fighter. Playing against the CPU does nothing for you past getting the basic mechanics down.

That’s what I want to do but I’m afraid I’ll get super frustrated with it and not have fun anymore if I play online. That’s how it was with SFIV. Where is the beat place to find other P4A players? It seems most of the threads here are a few months old.

You gotta learn somehow… It’s ok if you get frustrated. What’s important is channeling that frustration into improving yourself instead of just giving up.

Go here to find P4A players and anything else you need: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forum/159-p4arena-gameplay/

Yeah haha you’re right. Thanks for the link, I’ll see what i can learn online.

Well… Not trying to bump dead threads, but… I just got the Ultimax this saturday. Tried the arcade mode twice (Akihito and Chie) and… Well. I felt like I was doing the same all the time. Try to rush, attack, a couple fast punches to break into the enemy’s guard, then a strong and then a couple 236A. A special anytime I could and done. Also, there’s lots of info in the hud I couldn’t get, like the whirlwinds with Akihito or the skulls with Chie.
Where could I get more info about this?

Dustloop is where you wanna go. They have everything you need.

Thank you! Just one more question:
Who are the grapplers in this game? I guess Kanji, but when I tried him, I didn’t have the fell of playing Zangief or Iron Tager. I mean… I know it looks like a stupid question, but Kanji is the closest to the muscular huge guy profile you can recognize at first view and identify as a pure grappler.

Kanji and Adachi, pretty much.

Thank you