P4AU Xbox 360 players


Any out there? Just got the game and I love it. So far maining Yukiko. Also like Chie, Yu, and Akihiko. Would like to know if there’s dedicated players to test my skills and learn from.


I’d call the XBL version a dead version but theres still some faces out there. If you want I can send you to someone to help you learn some Yu shenanigans.


Haha, just picked up this game a few days ago as well. Managed to run into a few players on ranked but I was playing the same 4 or 5 people over and over for the most part. I’m having fun with the game so far but I’ll definitely be going to the PS3 version in a few days when I pick up a PS3. But since I’ll have both versions I’ll be down to play as well if anyone ends up seeing this. GT: MikeJonesJaxson


Damn! I forgot I made this. Haven’t logged in in awhile. Sorry about that. I recently picked up a refurbished PS3 a bit ago and may get the PS3 version myself.