P4U2: Who is currently playing?


So a few times a week between jobs I have enough time to get down to my local and blow a few hundred yen. I’m currently enjoying this game a lot. Locally it’s been rather more popular than I expected. Even the dingy, NEET-filled and homeless roaming M’s in Kariya where I play has 1-2 tournaments a month. They also have 6 multi-cabs with the game so it can get pretty rowdy at times.

I know it’s not out anywhere but in arcades here in Japan but is anyone else around here playing? Despite sucking, I main Kuma and have found his tweaks in the new version to be on the whole very satisfying.

Anyway, if you’re giving this game some love, pop in here and share your experience and insight.


If anyone’s got a NESiCA card, I’m listed as ‘Chie’s Big Boot’. It has my local arcade info. OP I suck too, but I’ll have a go against anyone for fun.


Thanks for joining the party. I’m Bayou Horns. Ditto about the local arcade info. Does this game have guilds like SF?


SF has guilds? First time I’ve ever heard about this.


Yeah, not to derail but it does here in Japan. You can create and join guilds. Just log into the archaic cell phone only home page and set one up or join one (you might need permission, I can’t remember if they’re password protected or not though…). Don’t know how active any of them are anymore either. I never update my info online, just use my card to collect points. Gotta change that costume one of these days…


They’re switching to NESiCA for USF, so it’ll be much easier to use.

I think it’s called a ‘circle’ on the P4U2 page.


Can’t wait for USF to go NESiCA. The old system was so primitive. Plus with NESiCA being able to register multiple games is not only convenient but cost effective. Gotta set me up a GG account. Then again, might be better not to… just let anonymity hide my shame as such a pathetic player…


Just checked, it costs 300P$ (arcade persona points) to start your own guild.I’ve only got 380P$ coz I wasted a stack on extra stupid profile quotes.


Shiyart, I haven’t spent any P$ on PP in ages. Methinks me be headin thar soon. But that could be the bottom of the gold flake sake bottle talking… How many points do I have?

**In other news… ** There’s a Toyota city (Toyota as in the car) vs Kariya City (Denso, as in the in the IC for automobiles and medical equipment manufacturer) Gunslinger Stratos online comp coming up soon. If only it had something to do with P4… And if only I could play Stratos…


Ah, public holiday. Not even a night shift. Ironically too busy to play. Might be time to give Yukari a bit of love tomorrow after work…


Latest news…

Played Yukari for the first time last night. After seeing her performance as CPU AI I wasn’t really impressed. Decided to give her a chance anyway. I think I fell in love.

Equipped with a battery of projectiles (including normal, command+normal and command+persona), a super fast start up command jump that can be used to get out of trouble, control space and set up mix ups and rather intuitive combos… Think I found my new main.
Meanwhile**, in case anyone is around there’s yet another tourney happening this month, January 26 at M’s Park in Kariya (on Route 155 near the Meiho video/book/comic/game store).

For more info hit up their twitter account:

Japanese language only though.