PA / CTF 12/28/2002 Results Desmond Ends Year Long Losing Streak VS Josh Wong

MvC2 Results:

1st - Desmond “Xecutioner” Pinkney
2nd - Josh Wong
3rd - Ricky Ortiz

Desmond finally beats Josh Wong for the first time since C3 in Connecticut last December

Josh Wong continues 2 year losing streak vs Ricky Ortiz regardless of what results may say.

CvS2 Results:

1st - Ricky Ortiz
2nd - Arturo Sanchez
3rd - Jeron Grayson

i ended 2 loosing streaks too, never beating josh wong in CVS2 (I did and earned 4th!) and coming dead last in MVC2 (2nd from last now!), the future is too bright

This thread is silly:rolleyes: LZJ:lol:

It’s no suprise…Desmond has some crazy ass Sentinel/AAA combos.

i posted up the results…post here if i put your name in wrong…

the boards went down over 6 months ago, and c3 was before that… apex started with c3…

no one can top my record of losing to X consistantly for over a year… I think our first match was megaman/cable/doom vs doom/storm/cyke at nec2… and the rest was history…

Josh Wong is madd cool…glad i met him:D :smiley:

I lost most of the times I played him…

How many people were in cvs2?

8 i think

This tourney actualy had a decent amount of comp, hopefully the PA tournies at CTF are more like this from now on

yeah,i got like 12th place or something in MvsC2,i was the one using Chun li.

:lol: I never get enough of your hot avatars:lol:

What’s a roll cancel?:confused:

ive lost to mike d… for like… a year and a half =(((