PA Gatherings

Any PA/MD players out there im considering holding gatherings/tournaments at my place in Lancaster PA, Games that would be in play would mostly be cvs2,mvc2,3s. Lemme know if anyone is intrested!

Hey, we all live out here and play all the time. I’m Kevin.

Who do you play with? … or better yet, do I already know you?

hi im Joe O i dunno if we met but u say ur from lancaster or the pa/md region? I dont know many people up in pa cuz i used to play with the md crew.

I’m in Lancaster. There’s a lot of us out here.

No one really plays CvS2. But there are some really good 3S and MvC2.

Got AIM? PM me your screen name or somethin’ if you want to plan somethin’ out.

Yo, what’s good in this hizzle. I’m the local mvc2 representative, therapist has 3s on lock down, and we have some cats who dabble as well. We also have a smash scene if you like to hit that brawl. We actually might be gaming today if you wanna come through and see what’s good. My aim is JesterofNazereth, or you can shoot me a pm.

you have an avi? you are sooo pro dubya!!!

In for marvel. Anybody still have a working DC?

damn i have dc and marvel but i dont play marvel your welcome over though cuz im down 4 anything but u play anything else?

yo man im new to P.A im out here in york , i use to live in B-more but im out here for collage

i play cvs2 ,3s , and tekken

whats good wit getting some games in , cause i cant find no comp at the school im at.

I’ll be in Bethlehem later this summer, if any one’s in the area let me know and I’d gladly be down for something. My friends there don’t really play fighting games, it was hell living there a year ago.

I play VF4, SNK games (RB, Bakumatsu, SS, KOF) and shoot em ups among other stuff. Trying to get into ST and 3s lately, but not much yet, also I used to play Tekken 3/Tag a long time ago, it’d be fun to play those again.

Bob for fucking president. We need to get some mahvel in son!


Yo whats good with Marvel! Rel, we gotta show these cats, you in town still? Glen, and Jester I am always down, call me up and we will throw down, i have a dc, marvel, sticks, and converter. Call me! 717-781-9878, Its MARVEL BABY!!!

Holy shit, people actually live in Lancaster? More so, people who play GAMES? This is crazy, there is more comp in Lancaster than in PHILLY. I’m gonna have to move in with yall.


there’s another…real…marvel player in lancaster? this shit is too good. do you have aim at all? if so, hit me up, sn is jesterofnazereth, or you can call me 717-371-2400 but i never answer numbers i don’t recognize, so you’ll have to leave a message the first time. Time to check the wires in the mas and cut up a fresh custom marvel!


Yo jester, Im back in town this weekend, and should be able to play sometime this week, or next week. Call me, 717-781-9878. MARVEL!

Bob imma get at you, cause i know you don’t read this. you’re probably playing dance dance, but we’re gonna set some shit up, and i don’t wanna hear any bs. Me you and rockstaryano, and possibly an appearance from pat. Where your curleh mustache at?

Come on you lancaster foos…play cvs2!!!

Yo, my comp was fucked up so i couldn’t get that number to call til now, but let me know (rockstaryano) if you’re down to play some marvel not this sunday, but next sunday. Also, I’m available this coming tuesday too, so lemme know what’s good.

Hahaha, what up, Joe O? xPP

Wow, people in Lancaster who play games? I’ve been to Lancaster a few times; all I saw were a shitload of Amish people and white people including ONLY a couple decent-looking white girls… rofl.

Oh, shit, what up, Rel? xDD

No comp at your school, eh?

…hm, I’m thinking about coming up to good ol’ Lancaster to check out the Marvel scene… haha… either that, or you Marvel heads should all come down here to Baltimore. And bring your cash money with you, nigguhsss. ^^

bmore sucks at marvel since isaac left, he was the only good player there. Also, the “marvel scene” in lanc consists of 2 good people who’s availability sucks, one decent person who’s availability is worse, and some scrubs, so unless you have the free time on your hands and nothing else to do with it, i wouldn’t bother.

P.S. kevin imma get at you for some online 3s games, cause i want to step my game up in that a little, i’ve been playing a lot of marvel lately training for nec and i wanna bring the pain in a few games.