Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-papa IPPATSUMAN! *UAS thread*



[media=youtube]iktA7kLvfZ4[/media] Better Version Thanks Royalflush!

Ippatsu hasnt really changed drasticly from his JP version.

NEW IPPATSU STUFF! (taken from )


  • Ippatsuman?s 623+Attack has same properties as Ken?s 623+B/C.
  • Ippatsuman?s dash~623+attack has same properties as Ken?s 623+B/C.
  • Several resets actually combo now (examples: charge back, forward+C, 623 super; air combo, j.A, j.A, j.B, j.B, 7, j.A, j.B, j.C, 623 super) which means his damage scales more and he won’t be doing as much damage.
  • He still has a useful reset combo: launch, j.A, j.A, j.B, j.B, 7, j.A, jA, j.C, 623 Super.
  • his level 3 now eats up meter a lot faster.
  • can combo from 6C shoulder tackle
  • has more combo options off 2C sweep
  • can IAD after DP for pressure


5a - Some hand or w/e
2a - Same hand just lower
5b - Ballerina swipe, 2 hits
2b - Low kick to the feet
5c - Fist to the face, MASSIVE block/hitstun(unless they adv guard, of course)
2c - Low slide, goes a pretty good distance(about 3 ippatsumen)
3c - Standard launcher
6c - Shoulder tackle, knocks down NEW Can cancel with DP


:qcf: + :p: A series of baseball throws
:snka: is fast, covers almost fullscreen.
:snkb: is the same as A, just directed a little higher for characters in the air.
:snkc: is a slower ball, but spirals in a straight path until it hits a wall

:dp: + :p: Dragon punch that goes straight up, different strengths give you either less or more hits, along with height. If you DP while dashing, Ippats goes in a diagonal trajectory instead of straight up ALA Dimitri from VS

:qcb: + :p: Ground pound that resembles captain corridor(except worse). Startup varies between each version, and will net you more hits with each increasing strength

Charge :l: , :r: + :p: Psycho Crusher. Does one hit no matter which version it is, the stronger the button the further he travels. Great tool if you need to get in and standard airdashing isn’t working. Theres light risk to it, but if you have a tiny bit of HP for BBQing, have a ball with it and BBQ if the opponent is in a situation to punish it. One of my favorite moves, definitely


:qcb: + :2p: Baseball special, Ippats pulls out a bat from a different dimension and rocks a buncha baseballs across the screen. Great amount of screen covered, startup is alright. Unpunishable if blocked(I think, didn’t really test this)

:dp: + :2p: The meat and potatoes of this character, you’ll be using this super a lot. Ippatsu jumps diagonally and grabs whatever is in his way, and Izuna drops the opponent into the ground. Grab does about 20%, unblockable. It can be comboed into and “uncomboed” into, because its unblockable. Normally the best route to go is un-combo, since its so easy and nets you mad damage compared to a comboed super. Only grabs opponents that are in the air, but thats awwwwright (NOTE: Timing on reset grab is tighter in UAS)

[Level 3] :bdp: + :2p: Ippats gets into his mech and wrecks havoc, of course. Once inside his baby, you’re able to do quite a bit.

Your A button controls the right arm, the B button controls the left. The C button is an unblockable laser that takes a decade and a half to charge, which you can also be hit out of(get kicked in the face and your mech cries). But the good thing is that the laser does 80%!!!
A or B: Mech punches the opponent, pretty sure it wallbounces or somethin dumb
Up+A or B: Mech swings a sword horizontally, unblockable
Down+A or B: Mech ground pounds, launches opponent


2AA 5B (2 hits) 2B 5C 3C J.AA J.BB DJ J.B J.C

2AA 5B (2 hits) 2B 5C 3C J.AA J.BB (WAIT) DJ J.B (WAIT) SUPER!
2AA 5B (2 hits) 2B 5C 3C J.AA J.BB DJ J.AA J.C SUPER!

2AA 5B (2 hits) 2B 5C 236C BBQ! IAD J.C 2A 5B (2 hits) 2B 5C 3C Air combo into reset SUPER!

Corner Only
2A 5B (2 hits) 2B 5C 2C 6C 623A Dash foward j.B land 3C Air combo into reset

Other than that, Ippats is a pretty straight-forward character. There isn’t much mixup in him, its the damage that scares the opponent into not wanting to get hit. 2 combos and the opponent better switch out, or their losing a character. His combos are easy, his pressure is standard, his character is , and I’m liking him right now

If I had to rate his supers, I’d put air-grab super as a definite first, then mech ride, with baseball swing coming up the rear. Its obvious why I chose air-grab first, since its the main reason hes doing damage in his combos. Baseball super 2nd simply because mech ride SUCKS!! Like really dont ever use it unless you like wasting meter or are trying to run out 3-4 seconds off the clock.

Cool and new Stuff
During your blockstrings you can cancel your moves into :dp: :snka: and then IAD afterwards for overhead goodness!
When anyone that has a instant screen freeze super is partnered with Ippatsu if someone tries to IAD in on you, go ahead and super then as soon as you can DHC into ippatsu’s air grab super. Take away the pressure!

TKing the C version of Ippatsu’s fireball into BBQ gives you a FB thats low to the ground and gives you some cover to move in. Land, dash in. If the opponent jumps, you get a free air-grab super. If they don’t then do whatever mixup you wish, its your life
If the opponent is in the trajectory of air-grab super when you do it, theres literally nothing they can do about it. They’re getting grabbed, one way or another. Of course, this counts if you’re using the grab as an anti-air


RoyalFlush Youtube channel


I dunno, I tink he’s changed pretty drastically. :confused: with the whole air dashing from his DP move and stuff. He has plenty of mixups off his light DP into air dash instant overhead…


Yeah I’ve been messing around with that, but I wouldnt call that a DRASTIC change. Just gives him more pressure options. and makes his DP that much more useful. Thanks for reminding me and ill add that to the list of stuff.


Corner combo combos involving 2C,6C,623A, IAD~j.B are much stronger than Baroque into do same grounded string again.

Polymar/Ippatsuman is my specialty. I’ll get some vids of my corner combo with Polymar assist sometime.


That combo is definately stronger, but what can Ippatsu do to get damage like that midscreen? Since your one of the only people I know with Ippatsu on your team, have you noticed any other new changes? and what combos have you been doing? Cant wait for those vids!

I dont know too many people playing Ippatsu, where is the Ippatsu love?


I play Ippatsuman. Learned a few BnBs and came up here to try to see what I was missing. Air grab resets already made sense, and I had a rough concept of Baroque. Having waaaay too much fun with this char, just been trying to find out how the damage scaling works, and if he’s got any proration on certain moves.

I also liked Polymar and was trying him out and saw RoyalFlush’s combo vid, and I think they took out the “Super #1” vid. Either the Drill has more start-up, or Ippatsuman’s Grand Slam attack isn’t launching them anymore. I noticed when I got to the part where you do 5C - A Rainball - Grand Slam that the Rainball was hitting them much lower on the screen than it was in RF’s vid. I thought maybe I was doing it wrong, so I just tried doing the A version of his dragon punch and then immediately Baroqueing it on the ground into A Rainball and Grand Slam, and I had pretty much the exact same height as in the vid. Combo still failed, after multiple attempts. So there’s gotta be an unlisted change to either Polymar’s Drill, Grand Slam, or gravity in general. I get the OTG hit, but no combo finish.

Granted, I just started playing on the 26th, so maybe there’s some frame tight stuff in that video that I just don’t see yet, and the combo is actually a lot harder than it looks and I’m terrible. I’m not ruling that out. Cause I know during the 5C -> Rainball I had the 5C hit around the bottom of the feet and the ball hitting him in like the stomach, where as in the video both were hitting him JUST below the foot. When I did the DP -> Baroque -> Rainball I was getting the ball to hit in about the same spot as the vid, around the bottom of the feet, and the drill STILL wouldn’t hit him before he got to the ground. Drill seems a hair slower though. Might just be me.

Now, Ippatsuman feels pretty natural. His combos aren’t very hard, and the timing on a lot of his resets and stuff are pretty simple. I just can’t find a decent combo that involves a simple Polymar assist, and I’m having trouble actually PLAYING Polymar compared to Ippatsu. And I guess Ippatsu assists for Polymar as well.

I found a few assist combos anyway, but they’re basic mindless stuff I’m sure everyone has “found” so far. I’m just not the type of guy who will post a video about neat combos I discoverd. I’m always getting beat to the punch by more experienced players who find stuff I never wouldn’t thought to look for.


Great news for Ippatsuman! Now that it is discovered that Baroque resets your jumps, and that being higher in the air does more damage, he can work BBQ’d triple jumps into his reset combos. Not only do these look super sexy and extend your combos, but hitting the Izuna drop from that height makes it insanely strong, and since its a reset your getting the full damage.


Does the air throw itself do more damage in the air? or do your normals do more damage? cuz im still getting 8,800billion


Yeah, my bad, it seems to be only normals and specials, supers are doing the same.


“Polymar-esque” Ippatsuman reset that I’ve been using is launch, j.A, j.A, j.B, j.B, j.B, 7 (for in corner)/8 (for midscreen), j.A, j.B, j.B (whiffs), VERY SLIGHT PAUSE XX 623+2 attacks


So I had an opportunity to play this some lately, and I was raped by a PTX online. So I’d like to hear some tactics against giants in this game. All I can come up with is “spam baseball super” :shake:

Other than that, I scrub it up with A, B, 2B, C, 2C, 214C, Grab-Super… Guess it’s time to learn some fancy aerial raves huh.
You say there’s actually a damage bonus in this game for comboing in the air?


I’ve been doing Ground Combo with launcher into j.AABB JC j.BB 623C SLIGHT PAUSE 623+2 Attacks. That reset has been working for me just fine, and they still don’t have time to air dash out. I’ve even messed up the timing and had them try to counter with some sort of air super and they just get grabbed after their super flash. The double jump BB timing is a little weird to be sure the 623C doesn’t knock them TOO high up for the reset.

Also, block string into 623A IAD j.B doesn’t work. It does if the opponent doesn’t know better, but that’s about it. You recover in time to IAD, but the problem is that the hitstun is so low that you just get 5A’d out of the air if you hit a button. I tried it earlier multiple times using the turbo function on my HRAP and even with turbo j.B it wasn’t working. I pushed him into the corner so I could skip the IAD part and was still getting 5A’d out of it everytime after my 623A. I’m sure you can do 623C BBQ! IAD j.B but that’s the only thing that’s going to cover you.

I noticed though that Ippatsuman can do ground string to 2C BBQ! 5A 2A 5B 5C 236A Grand Slam and then DHC it into Yatterman-1’s Level 3. It does about the same damage as Yatterman-1’s level 3, so you’re basically just DHCing for 1 bar instead of 2. You’d want to do a bigger combo if you had a lot of red life, but if they tagged in with a character you’d rather fight with Yatterman I’m sure it would have some use. About 30k damage and you tag out.


Every time I go into a char discussion for TvC I feel like a scrub :sweat:

The best I can do is with Ippatsuman/Ryu:

5A/2A 5B 2B 5C 5P (Ryu assist) > 66 > 5B 2B 5C bbq 5B 2B 5C > 214A+B (Baseball super) > DHC 236XX (Ryu Shinkuu super); DHC immediately after the wall bounce

This is just super super basic stuff that gets me by in local casuals but nothing more.


I havent really been able to find anything against the giants. Baseball super is really good. I just try to play really safe and throw a lotta baseballs but im having problems with them too.

Smurvis, yes you can be hit after you do 623A IAD j/.b but its a mixup, and if you change the timeing on it, or sometimes instead of it throw a 236A baseball to back you up and reset spacing. Ive played a few moderate level players and ive gotten it to work even when they know im gonna do it.

Also you can do 236C and BBQ it to keep pressure on after the DP.

thanks for your input royalflush, when do you think you will be uploading some videos?

Tiggy i love your avatar lulz


Cant you just spam baseballs (especially the A ball that makes you move backwards) and use the charge C to go to the other side of them?

Just theorycrafting here.

EDIT: Them = the giants


I think the 623A IAD j.B may also just flat out work on some chars. Ryu could 5A me everytime, but I played an Alex and if he hit a button he got hit. Not sure on the frames.

But yeah, mixing up between ending in 623A IAD j.B for pressure vs. 623A 236A or even 623A IAD backwards 236A to get out is working as long as it’s not super obvious.

That j.AABB dj.BB 623C timing is pretty tight compared to the other ones. You gotta space out the dj.BB just right or they recover in time after the 623C to get away from you. But it does more damage.


Against giants all you need to know is:

every time the giants move just use 4-6C to dash through them.
It takes them so long to autocorrect their position and their moves last so long, if you have meter it’s usually a free baseball bat super.

Trust me, it scares most giant players.
Not to turn this thread into “OMGZ GIANTZ R BROKEN”,
but everyone I’ve played so far online with a rank over 6,000bp used PTX.
All of them stayed on the other side of the screen from me whenever ippatsuman was out and tried to snap him back so they could deal with my parnter to get an advantage beforehand.
I personally think Ippatsuman is one of the better characters to use in the giant matchups (up there with casshern and yatta1.)

edit: also spam 236A baseballs to build meter when you’re far.


First off, here’s a better version of the Ippatsuman theme:

I got some vids from our first tournament that s-kill also featured on capcom-unity:


Okay so the simple reset I used since the old version of tvc was:
ground bnb > launch > j.A, j.A, j.B, j.B, 623C, (pause) 623PP
which really only worked on characters who have no options for horizontal movement after the initial aerial rave is over.

recently I’ve changed it up to this:

ground bnb > launch > j.A, j.A, j.B, j.B, 623A, j.A, j.B, 623A, (VERY SLIGHT PAUSE) 623PP

Works every time.
The pause is very very short, but essential so the super doesn’t combo and you get full unscaled damage.

Just thought I’d share that because nobody has posted it yet.
Timing is strict, but i’ve had a very high success rate with this so far;
also, if doing this midscreen, the second jump has to be a forward jump (9A).


I need to know, do aerial combos ending in 236A/B/C still reset into 623 super in this version? Those are the ones I always used in CGoH =/