Pablo going to Brazil and seeks comp

My boy Pablo is going to Brazil in August and wants to battle the best in MvC2 and possibly 3s. Anyone with Brazilian contacts that I can forward to him?

hello, I’m from Brazil

well, since Brazil is big, can you inform me where is he going? and for what purpose
we’re having a comp and some ranking battles in august, so if he comes to Minas Gerais state, he’ll be welcome!

Sweet, I’ll inform him of that area. Any specific times and places? He also welcomes money matches.

I could do with out the money matches…


hmm, we’re not doing money matches (at least official ones hehe)
no specifc times yet, but ranking battles are sure (there is one competition in july 23, though)
ah, our main game is 3rd strike. Mvc is still at spreding stage, so there aren’t lots of players
how much time do you plan on staying? and where exactly?

Pablo will be there from the 28th of July through the 12th of August. He’s down for whatever just for fun or money. 3rd strike and MVC2 is what he’s interested in. Thanks!

Looks like Pablo went a bit late. He’s there now for the next two weeks and would love some serious MvC2 or 3s battling. What are the hot spots for Brazilian capcom action?

I need some competition.