Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Upgrade Stick


I have a Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Cabinet, it came with this stick from HAPP

What are my options for upgrade? I need 4-way for pac-man games, but wouldn’t mind it being able to have 8-way control for other PCBs…

So I am looking for the best 4-way for Pac-Man games and something that will mount in place of my current stick…


The Pac-Man/Galaga 25th Anniversary stick is just a modified (AKA even crappier) Happ Super.

The best stick for your cabinet is one of the Sanwa JLW variants with the gate in 4 way mode. The JLF sucks for 4-way games( and all non-fighting games in general) and the Seimitsu sticks have problems with wooden control panels. About which version of the JLW, how thick is your control panel (the part where the joystick is mounted and do you want a bat top or a ball top stick?

I have a metal control panel. quite thin… is there a sanwa that will mount in it;s place?

A red balltop JLW in 4-way would pwn Pac-Man. In a metal control panel it may sit a little high but you could just add a piece of wood as a spacer. That would also let you use the exsisting screw holes even if they don’t line up to the sanwa.

It depends what version of the JLW he gets. There are 3. The short balltop one for metal control panels, the long ball top one, and the bat top one. Since he has a metal control panel, he should get the short ball top one. Luckily, the JLW has the same mounting hole locations as American sticks so putting it in shouldn’t be that hard.

A short ball top one? Please link me to this information! I must order one.

Email Per. They made a long JLW that is marketed as the “J-Stick” by Ultimarc. They also made a short one for Japan.

So is the Sanwa JLW-TM-8, the best one for a metal control panel?
I was thinking of ordering that with the big LB-45 ball

Yeah but get the short JLW-TM-8. Don’t get the big ball. It ruins the dynamics of the stick and the spring won’t work as well.

Big balltops rawk but yeah, get a stiffer spring.

Okay so I ordered the JLW-TM-8, what spring do I order, and where do I order it from?


Stiffer Spring??? Which one??? Where???