Pacific North Major Event Organization & Discussions

I thought it might make it easier for organizers to choose their event dates if all of us in NorCal post in one thread.

I’d like to discuss what kind of events, leagues and what has been working and not working for us all as event organizers. Letting each other know the dates of our events will help with scheduling conflicts, and I’ll try to keep this post up to date with the dates posted here.

Sticky Event Thread Ruling

Upcoming Big Events:

2013 Schedule:


3rd - BEST of the Battle 3 (confirmed)
17th - (Ce) + KS2 + San Jose Bar & Grill (tentative)
25th - Alpha Clash 5 (confirmed)
31st - (Ce) Ground Zero (confirmed)


19th - Tight or Fight (tentative)

NorCal Rating System: - Currently being revamped.

Frequent Events/Organizers:

Helpful tools for TO’s:

A really cool web-based tournament program:

TO’s to avoid list:

Perhaps a list of common Event organizers to help out the thread? Sorry if missed anything. please take it over anyone.

Vitto/Ramin/Nima/Crackfiend-Fuddruckers-Concord, CA
Vitto/Ramin-Shadowbrooke Games-Concord, CA
JinxMitchell-Drom’s Comics-Davis, CA
Tyram/Macarudy-Munchies-Suisun, CA
Shiryu22-The City-Sacramento, CA
Santokitokiya/TimtheMan-Moby’s Fish and Chips-Sacramento, CA
Dr.B-Sho Nuff’s Dojo-Hayward, CA
SIKWIDIT510-The Dojo-Oakland, CA
Pote-NorNorCal-Yuba City/Chico,CA

plus a bunch of various events pop up.

Or (and I apologize for the shameless self promotion), you could just do a filtered search on your area in the events section on sf4answers:

Full details on the functionality and how to use it (as well as how to filter it) are available here:

The main point here is that you can simply subscribe to an RSS/iCalendar feed which is filtered on your location and you will see the new events in your area when they are entered into the system (or just filter on the website, either way works).

No fuss, no muss.

Hope it helps!

I’ll add it to the OP.

be cool if we can get this going until APEX is up and running

cool way to get some of our players “ranked”

Is cool if I claim May 15th for a Stockton tournament?

I’ll put it on the OP.

2/13 I’m planning to have a tourney in Yuba. : 3

Tap tap Feb 27 for tourney in Santa Cruz

Thanks for this. However, this thread is intended for discussion purposes as well as announcements. That calender you are running is really cool for things that have already been established. Keep up the good work.

Tournament Organizers please be aware of the “TOs to Avoid list”. Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes and everything should run very well for Nor Cal. Props for making this thread.

could you post up the complete list of “to avoid list” ? i’m lookin to organize something big in the future and i wanna be as cautious as possible, much appreciated =]

please add this to the original post for future reference and easy access.

:lol: Our group (and me) GAME-ZONE RECREATION:tup: are hosting another anime convention again called “Kin-Yoobi Con 2010”. It’s not till August 6th and 7th but just wanted to give a heads up so hopefully no one plans anything on that. Of course we’re going to have a good number of fighting games there and tournaments for them at the convention again. :party::cool::cool:

If you missed it last year you can check out the links at our website and also one youtube. :wgrin:

Just noticed this today. I’m planning on running one-shot tournaments to seed and familiarize new venues with tournaments, and this thread should make it easy to avoid scheduling conflicts. Great idea, Jenkins!

Thanks guys. I’m glad the thread is being put to use.

Batman77, where’s the convention being held?


Please try using tonamento at your next event!

If this site really takes off it will make SF4 tournies much less stressful on the people running and way more informative for people following the scene.

Thank you for making this thread. It helps out a lot. Will the tournament on 4/11 at Droms be pushed back since SSF4 doesn’t come out till 4/27 because I remember reading that tournament was for SSF4.

Nah, we’ll just play SFIV on the 11th and SSFIV at the next one.

:lol: O it’s at Chabot college in Hayward I believe the address is 25555 hesperian blvd.
Here’s last years website too.

Here’s some footage of last year’s gaming area. [media=youtube]KZEvTcKWfgI[/media]
and it should be even better this year too. :tup:

O also Sho-nuff dojo is co-hosted with Dr. B and me and my group GAME-ZONE RECREATION:tup: by the way. We’ve also hosted GZR Nights too. :cool:

update sched. Fudds is pending…