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By the by, organizers, i have tournament maker and all but … i am wondering if anyone has advice for a place to find a printable 16/32/64 man double elimination blank bracket template, i have never found anything more dfficult to find on the web safely, every search leads me to a ton of dead/unsafe/misdirect sites… tourney maker wont let me print blanks… leastways not without massive manipulation, and i dont have that kind of skill.

^Would this work?

They have more as well for both single and double elim.

u know i did some lookin around b4 for printable Brackets and i did find some its not to hard to find…ill try n find a few for u again

Add Crackfiend to list of TO’s to avoid being touched by.

Here’s something for TO’s who own their venue to chew on:

I’d like to get some discussion on whether anybody’s events make sense for their venue financially or not and some ideas on how to make it work.

Currently, I’m thinking of trying $20 entry with $4 or $5 going to venue and seeing what happens. Of course I will consult my core group of players before I do anything like that.

I think the only venues that do well business-wise as these tourneys go down are restaurants. I can imagine Fuddrucker’s loves having 100 people upstairs for 8+ hours, probably buying 2 meals while they’re there.

As for a comic book shop, I can’t think of many ways to expand it as a business decision. The only spin I could think of putting on it is publicity with a 70 dollar profit. With live streaming the potential for publicity is pretty large, I’d guess you have a good amount of people across the nation that know about Drom’s comic shop.

Maybe you could use the tourney as a means to propel your new online store.

Yeah, the more I’ve been thinking about it, it seems that instead of trying to make the money directly, maybe the website should pay Drom’s like $100 AND give Drom’s the $2 per entry. Then call it the Drom’s/NVGS events or something. The 200+ people watching the streams are more likely to patronize the site than the comic shop. More input is welcome.

Hey this is DJcream wanting to just give an update to my situation.

My tournament in Stockton on May 15th something I still want to do. However, I’m having problems locking down venues big enough to hold triple-digit entries (assuming Super Street Fighter 4 can attract that many players). I may have to look into reservating a hotel though I have no idea of the etiquette to do so. Anyone got tips on this matter?

Also a friend of mine in Elk Grove contacted me to help him run a small tourney over at his college (DeVry off the 5). He has the date set for March 20th though that is on the same day of the Reno tourney. He wants to run SF4, TvC and Melty Blood so given the local status of the tourney and vastly different games, would it be alright to post a thread for that here?

I’d just call hotels and explain your situation. Their job is customer service so they will be able to tell you what you need to know.

I’ll let you guys work out the Elk Grove tournament with Reno. Maybe PM the Reno TO, CBK.

what ur store is selling plexis?how much lol,maybe put a commercail on the stream or sumn?giv out discount cupons to turny entrants or charge mre bt give us free drinks or sumn

KEEP IT THREAD RELATED, MAX. …but yes he sells plexis now o_o. PM him or something.

Cream, I’ve some info for you regarding setting up tournaments at hotels. I’ll PM you about it soon, so watch out for it.

Also, new tournament - either Feb 19 or 26th at Tapioca Express in Elk Grove (Laguna Blvd). I’ll get back to you guys when I confer with the venue and the players.

Greetings to you - all - fine gentlemen. This is your, local, TaoFTW posting on behalf of the NorCal BB, GGAC, and MBAA community; so I figured it’s high-time I start sharing some of my tournament organizing endeavors. You can look at my previously organized tournaments on this thread,

The, greatest, difficulty I am having - in my attempt to re-construct this scene - is what DJcream said, “I’m having problems locking down venues big enough to hold triple-digit entries.” I’ve managed to talk to the upper-management at Domain Hotel, but their rates were a bit out of my budget. So, in an effort to keep our monthly ranbats ongoing, we’re imposing on other people’s homes and offices. I want to hear first-hand experience from you TO veterans. Even though I’ve been with the competitive scene for three years, I don’t have much experiencing in hosting tournaments.

I am always open to constructive criticism; so bring in the fire.

Just a heads up so there is no overlap. I’m in the process of finalizing the next NCR tournament on Memorial day weekend May 29-30 at the same venue in Sunnyvale. I’ll finalize in the next 2 weeks and make official announcement.

Have you try your local fairgrounds? I know in the off seasons where there isn’t anything going on they are open to suggestions on events where you can rent out hall space and use their facilities. At least the one in Stockton works that way. I’d try looking there also.

Aw man, NCR is at the same time as Fanime? D:

:lol: Please have NCR on another date. Fanime is on the same exact weekend and I love going to both fanime and NCR. Maybe the week after that or something. Just my 2 cents :wonder:

Yeah I agree.

I agree as well.

yes i agree too, pretty please

Drom’s next event is May 16th!