Pacific North Online SF4 Matchmaking Thread (PSN)

I found a online match-making thread but it kinda sucks filtering through people from the east-coast / not America.

Lag + scrubs = :sad:.

Add me as Dobohouse on PSN and let’s do battle.


SRK HANDLE - PSN ID - Best chars

Jack/Steve - DoboHouse - Shotoforce
LPN - vi3t_drag0n_LPN - Claims everybody, but is only really good with like 2 characters.
DucksSeason - dougseason - Ryu/E.Honda
vasAZNion13 - SUPER SECRET WITHELD IDENTITY (natsuki13) - Cammy
Coopa - SRKCoopa - ZanGrief/Boxer
Gamegeezer - gamegeezer9166 - Viper
Ramin - rpartovi - Abel/Rufus
DrDill - the_dill - ?
asianxcore - asianxcore - Abel/Seth
Scunsion - Scunsion - Sagat
fobi0 - fobi_YO - Bison
DSS - Revolver_STi - Sagat
Clifford - ocean_of_milk - Chun Li
PgruvR - mrss44vv - Chippendale’s Pink Thong Fei Long
tech master - SikWitSix - ?
doogo530 - doogo530 - Sagat, Rose, Ryu, Rufus
Wudkip - Wudkip - Sakura
gozhard350 - gozhard350 - Blanka
MMZSlim - Slompo - Balrog
UglyKwan - trmbeef - Balrog
whooisodis - whooisodis - ?
Jaguar Clash - ja_CL - Chun Li
dirzzt360 - Drizzt519 - Blanka/Guile
sait0u - sait0uski - Honda
Morphiend - duocin - Sagat/Cammy
#reload - mikefrom707 - Chun/Ryu/Cammy/Viper
nin-jay - ninjay - Abel
Sqrl_Master - CQ1234 - Ken
Pieguy - Crazypi - Honda
dantron - dantronism - Chun
Dranake - Dranake - ??
masa - eltonium - ZangRief
Raikanami - Raikanami - Gief, Ryu, Blanka
lilsicx66 - lilsicx66 - Ryu Ken Blanka
eph - Ephraum - Dhalsim, Boxer, pretty much everyone if I remember right
jubeininja69 - jubeininja69 - Who knows
luckyyykat - luckyyykat - M. Bison (Dictator)
Seaper - Seaper - Rog
eltwopee - eltwopee - Rog/Guile
Som - somsta - boxer/rufus/dictator
dman1869 - DmanIzBack - Rufus, Ryu, Abel
Ghostmaker - JKChowling - Abel
trikon - trikonLOL - elf, gief, rog, abel
nin-jay - dierebelscum - sagat, gouken, cammy
mrbamp1re - misterbiggs - ?
rawwstewage - rawwstewage - gen
immastomponchu - immastomponchu - Bison(Dictator)
Ouroboros - Mismar - Rufus/Gen - Special note - won’t fight Ryu!

SRK HANDLE - PSN ID - Best chars

ooh. ooh. ooh.

im da best.
i deeeeeed it.
add me

Fool you’re already on my list quit spamming my thread :rofl:

spam! spam! spam!


dis is how street fighter iv is all bout…

jack, i added you last nite.


i’d post my SN here, but little scared that my psn inbox will blow up.

generally looking at adding anyone that i’ll probably meet up at a tourney.

drop me a pm if interested. (put something in the title like “norcal psn” or something. been getting spammed a bit on srk pm box too)

SRKCoopa. Let’s go!

Uhm…so many of these threads. I guess it’s too late to not post now is it? :xeye:

MY gamer tag name is rpartovi. I play abel and rufus. somebody hit me up.

ramin is such a hater, he won’t add me


PSN ID is asianxcore

Down to learn more of that Abel Technology

PSN: Scunsion !

Added some of you guys

Let’s get this thing rolling.

I need lots of training. Un-scrub me you guys ;D.

Really GG’s to Doug and partovi tonight, it’s so nice to play good people on good connections.

It was kind of lagging on my part. But it was fun playing you Jack/Steve. lets for sure get some more games in.

im down to play,

add me if you can


i only use chun li. add if you wanna play. :bgrin:

lpn, jack, scun, allen

add me i am using a friends ps3 under
psn id

this is john b from sac, u know pink fei

o0oo legend of the pink fei appears? lol