Pacific Northwest Majors- Seattle, WA / Saturday June 28th @ University of Washington

On June 28th the first Pacific Northwest Majors tournament will be held at the University of Washington in Seattle, for players in the Pacific Northwest Region and anyone else who wants to come and compete. It will be a one day tournament held at UW, from 12:00-10:00 PM or until finish. It is the first of a series of tournaments that we plan to hold annually for players up and down the West Coast, from Canada to California.

Location- Walker Ames Room, Kane Hall @ the University of Washington in Seattle.

Date - Saturday, June 28th, 1:00-10:00 or until finish

Late Registration starts at 12:00 PM
First Tournaments start at 1:00.

Preregistration can be done through our website listed below.


Marvel Vs. Capcom II
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Guilty Gear: Accent Core
Virtua Fighter 5
Capcom Vs. SNK II
Tekken 5: DR - New Addition!

**Cost- **

10$ per game.
5$ late registration fee at the door.


The website has updates, driving directions,maps (coming soon) rules, games lists, a schedule (coming soon), and preregistration, where you can get a spot early, save 5$ by not registering the day of, and see who else has signed up to compete. Preregistering will also help us estimate the size of the attendance, and help us to plan more ahead of time making for a better tournament.

List of Current Pre-registers 06/10/08

  • Axel Kelly
  • R. Kelly
  • Little Bear
  • Preppy
  • Digital Watches
  • Kuenai
  • Brian Ma
  • Pablo The Mex
  • BrentoBox
  • Mickey D
  • Rattana
  • Nick Tomlinson
  • Dan Landeck Xx d04 xX
  • UweTheUnderdog
  • Jigen
  • The Green Man
  • Fennec
  • Tae Kim
  • Mechanica
  • Blacksteev
  • Zass
  • MissedFRC
  • Shadowless
  • Hellsap
  • Channa My
  • Son Vu
  • Sytha
  • Callel
  • John Wu
  • StiltMan
  • Gogandantes34
  • Mynameispaullee
  • aaronyu2
  • Evan Wenzel
  • Woki

For a better list showing what people signed up for, check the website registration page.

If you have any questions, you can PM me or email me at Brento**.** Make sure you have the period between Brento and Box.

04/15/08 Flyers are up for anyone who wants to help advertise in their area.


**NWM Housing Thread**is up for anyone who needs to ask for a place to stay. That is the best place to post if you need a place to crash because more people in our area will check there, and should be able to help you out.

Yeaaaaaaaaaah Seattle!

I like how for our first (in awhile I imagine…?) major tourney, the lineup stomps the shit out of everyone else’s. The only thing stopping it from being “TEH BEST EVAR!!!1!” would be the inclusion of A3, an SNK game(98,02,SS) and Tekken(ugh…). Still, PNW > [insert name of someting whack you think is cool], all day err day.

Good shit Brent. Thanks for doing this :wgrin:

A3 side tourney anyone? :wgrin:

oh no he di’int :nunchuck:

We are going to need a lot of TV’s. Axel is bringing his cabinet for sure, and Julien may bring his if he can get enough people to help him move it. I think with 4 TV’s set up for casuals/side tourney’s, and 2 free cabinets, that should be enough to keep people busy who are waiting for there time to play.

A3 for sure if you got it.

I would also invite anyone who thinks they can take out some of Seattle’s best Marvel players. This is your chance to do so.

I like my chances for 13th this tourney!

O Yes. Everybody practice up for this ish

If you guys want it with me then come get me…

Seattle’s Anthem.

Let’s Get It!

SamB: Hardest Av ever.

I wanna go to this


We want as many Cali players to show up as possible. The plan is to make this into a major tourney for all players up and down the west coast, including Canada. Because this is our first one, we have to set the cap at about 150 people because of space issues, but we will definitely be able to hold more by the next venue and not have a cap.

Whoever pre-reg’s will definitely have a spot.

yes, all out of towners please come

we would love to have you

Seriously. That would be fuckin savage.

How about an address for those of us who dont know where the universaty of washington is. Cuz those directions might not cut it.

preppy, you got us on housing???


shouts to the deezo

Maps coming soon, and we will get an address up. Thanks.

I heard the deezo was an ST SAVAGE!!!

Im gonna be out there like the WEEK before, hmm Im gonna try and prolong my stay a bit:)

Cause google -> university of Washington is hard work.

Seriously its one thing if its some random hole in the wall but how do you need people to tell you how to find a major university when you’re obv already on the internet?