Pacific NW College Thread


Post up what school you go to (if you do). I figure it’d be a good way to network and hook up for after-class matches.

Or hit us with some funny one liner the NFL pro’s throw down (a la “School of Hard Knocks” lol). Just for fun ;).

I’m a Poli Sci major at Western Washington University.

I’m down in Olympia this quarter for an internship with the House of Representatives.


For the the rest of the school year, I’m at Clark College in Vancouver. The last year and a half, I was at Multnomah University (previously Multnomah Bible College) over in Portland. I’ll be back there next year. Not a lot of fighting game fans there last I checked (it is a pretty small school, though). There’ve gotta be a few fans around Clark, but I’m not the most social person here (I like my anime and stuff, but I try to avoid the local otakus and DnD peeps… and they seem to be the only ones who actually hang around campus).


I’m currenty taking classes at the Art Institute of Portland. I know there used to be a gaming group here but I haven’t seen their fliers in a while.

Congrats on the internship Kirkzor, that sounds like a really great opportunity and networking experience.


I’m a computer science major at Western Washington University. If anybody in Bellingham plays marvel, PM me or send me a message on aim.


Where in Bham do you live? My apartment is on Indian right near campus.


I live on 23rd street, south of campus.


It’s a bit complicated for me. I went to UW for undergrad and I’m going to UW now for medical school (UWSOM) but I have to do my first year in Alaska because I am originally from there. So I’ll be coming back down to Seattle for my second year in May. I need to get back to Seatown!


I go to UW and live about 5 min away from campus (Sandpoint way). Hit me up if you want to game during the week.



I live like 5 minutes away from Downtown Seattle. What’s good?


Lothar - I have a couple friends who go to SU. I love that campus man, right in the middle of it all


Hey, if anyone goes to UW, I hold game nights in Denny 216 on Thursdays from 5 to 7. Its a pretty small crowd right now, but we got a lot of games.


What are you studying?


I’m studying Graphic Design