Fucking yes.

It’s 2017, so the wait will be hell, but del Toro will also be creating an animated series that continues from the Year Zero comic.


continuation to “the most awesome dumb movie”, I cant wait!


Or just awesome movie in general.


I had mixed emotions about the movie. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great. I was expecting more. Not sure if I’ll go watch a sequel.


What the fuck does that even mean?

The movie was simply GIANT ROBOTS VERSUS GIANT MONSTERS. What else do you want nerd.


Not enough little girls


Correction, not enough little girls pooping.


The porno is up to at least 16 sequels by now. :coffee:


I’m sorry I created this thread.


Expect something being canceled!


And Guillermo del Toro is making an animated series based on the IP as well? Sounds cool, I enjoyed the movie in the same way I enjoy anime like DBZ, so the future is looking bright.



Please Hellboy III instead!!


Relevant music AND pic.

A PR cartoon done kinda like Suisei no Gargantia was(light-hearted, but when it gets serious, it gets serious) would be godlike.




Who you niggas think I am? @Kromo?


This sort of tone would be great for the series, IMO:

Only dramatic when trouble comes up; fighting is draining!


The movie had a horrible story, aside from the actual Kaiju vs Mech nonsense. The fight scenes were pretty bland too.


Congratulations on being one of the only 3 people in the world who think that.

I can see complaints about the story, or the characters, but saying the fights weren’t entertaining is just ridiculous.

The pinnacle of giant robots and monsters beating the shit out of each other.


Fights were more entertaining than the new Godzilla because there were more fights and it wasn’t just cockteases til the end. If only Pacific Rim refined the story a little more and possibly had better characters, I would have said it blew Godzilla out the water.

Story-wise it already got a thumbs down from me when it’s the white man and asian girl duo. I would have flipped if they kissed in the movie. :mad:


I get torn on the ‘better story’ angle.

What do you expect for a plot that wants to cram as much Kaiju on Robot fighting as possible? A more forced love angle? I’ve never fully understood that discussion for a movie like this.

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