Packrat Rapes Housekeeper, Free on 150k Bond


Sounds like another fat cat who won’t “fare well” in prison. See here:


What do you think the dialogue was like, exactly?


Disgusting. And you misogynists on here will try to justify it and joke about it.


Ah that male privilege is real nice, ain’t it?


On an american flag towel. That was mighty white of him.




More like an addendum.


i dont think anybody is that stupid, here.

For what it’s worth, I view this as a rich thing, like that rich lady who locked illegial aliens in her house to ensure they would never stop cleaning it.

This dude had everything he wanted pretty much, so he decided that he could have whatever sex he wanted whenever he wanted.


I guess it brings a new meaning to the SRK term for great justice.


We can only hope that the Memphis DA office don’t mess up and let this scumbag go free. Letting him out on bond isn’t exactly a good sign but hopefully he won’t rabbit, thinking he could win and gets convicted.

Seriously, he probably deserves life but 20-50 years is effectively life so long as they don’t send him to minimum security or some slap on the wrist shit.


FYI Raw Story is a pseudo journalism website that likes to twist facts to push a political agenda and for shock value.

I have no idea what happened in this specific case but I sure won’t get the info from them.


No, no…wait for it…


I would like to imagine that this was playing in the background the whole time.

God why am I a monster?


You remind me of Roger from American Dad.


Damnit AngelPalm I was about to slate Serpent but you’ve gone and cocked that up.

So they finally caught SenninSRK


You like two alternate accounts behind lol.


Forget about this scumbag, what about the poor girl who went through this…I don’t know how long it will take to recover from something like this physically and psychologically, but I’m sure trusting people again will be very hard.

I hope prison treats this guy the same way he treated her…


Decades no doubt, if she is cleaning people’s houses for a living it not likely she’ll be able to afford any long term counseling,


why do they have to point out she was a mother of four? what does her pushing babies out her vagina have to do with the fact that the crime was horrible?


I wouldn’t feel bad about that.
I imagined this in the background.