Pacman/Megaman DLC on PS3

I can’t seem to download Pacman or Megaman. When I started the game this morning, it told me there was new DLC content ready. As soon as I went to the store, it did not show anything. No gems, no DLC, no costumes.

Also, when I choose the “expansion” option (4th in the Store Menu) it tries to connect to the store, which always fails and it sends me back to the main menu. This happens 100% of the time…
I also tried searching the Playstation store manually and re-entered my gem DLC code, all of which help me jack…

Is anybody else experiencing these problems? And if you have Megaman/Pacman downloaded on the PS3, how did you get them?

I’m having the same issue, but I’m guessing that it just isn’t available but the server is notifying us for some reason? Idk. I actually backed out of netflix to go download the dlc when I saw the thread, but before I read that you’re having the same problem that I did. Ope. :frowning:

I watched a replay on the PS3 Asia channel last night that had Pac-man, so they’re definitely available somewhere.

Give it a couple of hours.

It’s been saying they are available since last night, PSN update has not hit in the US yet, jsut gota wait.

when will it be available in the uk? does anybody know?

When someone gets these 2 guys, could you take a short video of just highlighting the 20 trials from the trial selection screen for the 2 new characters?

like highlight each trial for like 3-4 seconds then just move on to the next one, and take a video of it? i would like to know the inputs for the trials of these 2 guys if possible.


Most likely tomorrow, PSN updates come around usually 4pm here so we should get Pac-Man & Mega Man by then.

I can but I dont think the trial screen shows the inputs

on 360 it does. like when you select 1-20. if you just highlight a number it shows the inputs over on the right.

unless you are saying for those 2 guys specifically it doesnt?

No what I mean is, like it’ll say “Hadouken” instead of :qcf:+:p:

I did Mega Man’s on 360 last night. I just dabbled with a couple peoples trials and usually end up skipping 1 or 2 for the time begin. Mega Mans were simple enough I was able to plow through them back to back.
Not as 1-2 frame link heavy as all these other craps. I find those really lacking and pointless.

i want more colors T_T

oh, i know, that is fine. i just want the list of moves for each trial. would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

@purbeast - Here are all of the trials for Megaman. [media=youtube]k-vYPOnJL_Q[/media]

Watching him play, I can tell a lot of people are going to use his Ice beam. I personally think he’s not bad.
With that said, I hate the fact that I had to pay as much money as the PS3 version and still lack 5 characters. I though the least Capcom could do is upload Megaman and Pacman DLC for the Xbox too. (Since, hackers found them on the 360 disc aswel)

But the site says PS3 only so I officialy lost all hope. annoyed

i wish megaman , pacman, cole and fuckin stoopid cats were locked on the disc instead of the 12 good characters…!!! gggggrrrrrr f u capcom

This. Forget Pacman and Mega Man, just give me those colors. Capcom has said repeatedly that they’re intended to be a free release, and we know they’re already on the disc, so there’s really no sense in holding them back like this. Didn’t really make much sense for them to DLC at all, to be perfectly honest, colors should be unlockable by doing trials or something.

I assume the 360 is going to get megaman and pacman later on…

How much are pacman and megaman on 360?

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fuck those characters including cole and the cats… capcom spend some time developping retarded content instead of just focusing on the real thing…