Pacquiao vs Hatton fight... anyone wanna do a gathering?

Was wondering if anyone wanted to do like a gathering and watch the Pacquiao fight somewhere this saturday? I think it’d be dope if some of us cats went to a bar or some shit to just hang out and watch the fight. I’m down to even meet peeps up in SF to do this ish. Holla at cha boy

sounds pretty cool i’m already going to be in the city for my tatoo but I might be down to go somewhere after :smile:

Yes! I’ll totally look into local bars showing the fight, maybe after we can get some kills in.

I’m gonna talk to some of the thursday cats, I know a bunch of them are down for this ish. Holla!

Awww, forgot all about the fight. I have a date with onikage this Sat. Does he get PPV? I’m down to pitch in some bones for the fight.

And… where the hell you been crackheadfiend…

Fine by me. We can snipe the big TV for the boxing match.


Just talked with Josh, homeboy says he’ll put it on if we throw down the funds. You foos down? I’m going regardless to check out the place.

lol. been busy as hell. i’m down for doing it at okinage’s place and throwing down funds!

Just to be safe, what time is the match?

HBO PPV Pacquiao vs. Hatton
9 pm ET/6 pm PT Saturday

Should be a good fight. Hopefully Hatton doesn’t overwhelm Pacquiao.

Hopefully he does! If Josh would accommodate me I would be down for that.

Always welcome Andry, you know that. Time is good, we usually start games at 5 so I don’t have to worry about getting even less sleep than usual.

I’m tired of the pac-man winning…

I hope he loses…but it’s doubtful.

Can anyone kindly, if able to, record the fight? The lady is leaving for the military during the next month and is taking me out to something special this Saturday.

Much appreciated. You guys have fun!

i’m on it. Just got a tripod! You have to listen to us though.

Don’t hate on Pac. Was watching that guy back when his matches were random time fillers on ESPN’s (fill in random day) night fights. He worked for and deserves the chance to steam roll over some big name fools.

The beard backs the Pinoy.

Manny is badass. I just don’t like it when people win too much…

I hate winners

Why waste money?? run a vga cable from comp to tv and watch the fight for free on Shit that whats im doin but a gathering doesnt sound bad

I would totally get it at my pad on my 70inch samsung but i am moving :frowning: If you guys are into MMA i am totally getting UFC 100. Have fun. You going to be online tonight Hotcrack?

Hell yea UFC 100! That’s gonna be a SIIICK fight!

GSP vs Alves

Mir vs Brock

Hendo vs Bisping

Plus a bunch of other prelim awesome fights.