Pad Blanka with trouble

Hi there, people

First of all, finally after a year or so accompanying the forums I’ve decided to register, so hey there, nice to meet you all o/

So, without further ado, I play Blanka with a PS3 pad, and I’m with this issue:

I can’t perform the seemingly vital to more advanced play walking st.Jab xx HP Electricity. Since I use a pad, “pianoing” is not an option, so I’d like to know if there’s any button config and technique that allows me to perform this cancel. I’m sorry if there’s any topic related, I just couldn’t find it.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s a video posted by a great pad Chun player, maybe it will help. [media=youtube]FMOXK_dz9FU[/media]

Essentially the technique is to “slide,” as well as use shoulder buttons. which may just look like randomly moving your thumb from two buttons but once you find a specific way to do it that feels natural you will see you can have a lot of control over it and determine exactly which normal you end on. If you’re talking about continuous electricity pressure, jab-electricity blockstring into a standing jab electricity block-string/trap, I assume this is very very tough on pad, (not that it’s necessarily “easy” on a stick either.) But it may not be impossible! Play around with something that feels like random mashing/sliding until you get anything, and then slowly work to refine it. Something you might try to start out with is slide jab to strong, jab to strong with your thumb, then push fierce with your index finger on the shoulder (all very fast obviously.)

when I was waiting for my new stick to arrive I was messing around with sliding over square, triangle, then square, then triangle with my index finger then hitting R1 with another finger. It was pretty stupid that I even got that working.

Honestly I’d say learn stick though if you really care that much. Walking elec isn’t super important though.

I have been playing with the PS3 pad since the release of SF4.There is no special technique tbh.You just have to buffer 3-4 punches very fast during a ball,during a cross up jp.MK or any other motion.I had some troubles to do this at the start with the PS3 pad and I agree,but from time to time you will get used to it and it is pretty easy.

That’s not really what “walking electricity” is…

I started out playing Blanka on 360 pad. My method was to press lp, mp with my thumb across what would be square and triangle on the ps3 pad I think and then I rapidly pressed R1, L1, R1. I think the pads are setup by default to have 3P assigned to L1, and hp assigned to R1. So, you’re hitting, lp, mp, hp, 3p, hp. That’s how I did it, and I rarely got EX electricity. After a while, like what LiangHuBBB said, it becomes a matter of muscle memory.

Thank you guys for the help and support! =D I really appreciate it!

Yeah, I think I exagerated when I said it was “vital”, so Veserius, what are more important things that I should learn with Blanka?

Thanks again, people!

Learn the match ups well. Knowing what moves your opponent can punish and what they can’t.

Learining his footsie game is also important.

You’re in luck my friend! I just made a tutorial for Honda on how to do HHS on pad and I remembered the method totally applies to Blanka. So here’s my tutorial:
[media=youtube]sAS7N-pDnCw[/media] When I get a video card I’ll make a better tutorial but for now it should do.

I apologize for the quality of the tutorial, it was at the end of the night and I lucked out on making it only because my bro wanted to test his new cam. Anyways the tutorial for Blanka’s jab xx electricity only has somewhat tougher combos (read: links) because I stupidly forgot to show plain ol’ jab electricity. When you’re learning the sliding method it helps if you get used to the motion off cross-up MK. The more you do that, the more you get used to the motion and eventually you’ll be able to do stronger
combos/block strings like c.MK, s.LP xx electricity or s.MP, s.LP xx electricity…stuff I borrowed from TSRAI’s book. I myself just started using Blanka in Super.

Delayed electricity is much more valuable to me than walking electricity.

Oh, care to explain what is/ how it is done? thanks!

lol to the OP dont listen to this guy…he doesnt know what “walking electricity” is

I have a similar problem, but with the 360 controller.

Also what are advantages of blockstring elec? How much chip does it deal?