Pad button config

I’ve been using stick for over a year now, but there are always times when i dont have my stick and when i do use pad, I noticed that alot people keep the pad on default, I never realize how common that was, am I the only one that keeps Lights and hards on the 4 face buttons and mediums on the shoulders?:xeye::wonder:

for example, on ps2.

my friend does that when playing cvs2, cause he is used to the snk style setup.

I used that config back in the day on DC pad, but once I started playing on PS2, default was the best to me cause using a left shoulder button was horrible to me.

im the opposite of you. i like having R1=HP and L1=HK.

That’s how I do it, since my first console fighting game (from Capcom) was CvS2 for Gamecube and I used the default controls there.

I put R1 as mp and R2 as mk. A friend of mine uses L1 and R1 as mediums but I’m not sure which is which.

I love the R1 R2 as the hard kick/punch. I’ve never had the normal buttons the same though. I have

x = low punch
square = mid punch
o = low kick
triangle = mid kick

It’s easier for supers, air dashing, and a few other things in mvc2 because you have your thumb straight on it as opposed to having to press two buttons with the end of your thumb or turning your whole hand. And then I just got so used to it that I started using it for every fighting game.

wait, is that the default mortal kombat setup?

I’ve been told that but I’ve never really played Mortal Kombat.

My setup used to be like this in the snes days:

Y (PS square) = LP
X (PS triangle) = LK
B (PS cross) = HP
A (PS circle) = HK
L1 = MP
L2 = MKT

Everyone who I’ve mentioned this to thinks it’s a really bizarre setup; not only are lights and hards on the face (which is apparently not the norm), the rows of punches and kicks have had their orientation rotated and flipped. People think it’s strange but to me it makes sense since I can do 2p and 2k on the face more easily, and certain combos feel more natural to execute. :looney:

Recently on the advice of some people I switched L1 = MP to R2 = MP on my ps1 pad, finally giving me more incentive to do MP versions of special moves :confused: My only problem with my setup is that certain teleport moves mess me the hell up when I’m playing on pad e.g. Strider.