Pad Configuration


What is a good configuration for pads? I’m very new to the game and I plan on getting a stick soon, but I can’t right this second. But I want to keep l, m, h and s mapped to x, y, b, and a respectively (config a).

But what should I put on the bumpers and triggers thats most practical? I had it at config a and the I realized i needed to activate xfactor so I put all four buttons on LT.

Right now it’s.
X: Light
Y: Medium
B: Heavy
A: Special
LB: Assist 1
RB: Assist 2
LT: all four attacks (xfactor)
RT: Light, Medium, Heavy

It’s pretty much config a but I didn’t know if taking out an assist 1 + 2 button would take away something I needed. Thanks for the help from a new player! I hope to get a stick very soon.


Pad config is completely dependent on your team and the characters you play. You generally don’t want an XFactor Mapping(4buttons) or a THC mapping since you can input those easily manually.

For example:
If you are playing a tridash character like Magneto you might want to play with 4 attack buttons, 2 assists, and 2 dashes, one M+H dash for a faster tridash jL or L Magnetic Blast, one L+M dash for a faster jH in combos and tridash mixups. If you are running Dr Doom you might want to run L+H for a faster jM in combos and tridash mixups.
If you are playing Taskmaster on pad, it’s hard to do L+H arrows since you it’s hard to use claw style in MVC3 because the shoulder buttons are actually used, so you might want to map a trigger to L+H.
If you play Zero, it’s hard to charge buster while using the other buttons, so you might want to map a trigger to the L button to charge buster all the time.

So really your button mapping should be optimized for your team, and you shouldn’t be mapping L+M+H period since it will OS a H(if you miss a pushblock or a wavedash), you want to map your buttons depending on your characters and their optimal dash buttons.


Thank you. I plan on getting a stick soon anyway, but I didn’t want to wait to play the game and get a feel for some of the characters. Thanks for the help.