Pad + xx hp.sho HELP

I know, this is as basic as Sakuras BnB combos go but I’m having difficulty landing the cr.sho even 75% of the time. It feels very awkward for me to do the DP motion while crouched with this PS3 pad. I’ve been doing the DF,DF inputs but after some reading I found these to be incorrect. One method I’ve been trying is sliding my thumb either to the left or right twice in a quarter circle motion. I execute a sho standing up with this method 100% but the minute I try crouching it then becomes sporadic. Can anyone that uses a pad please gimme some advice on how they do it?

I do DF + MK, D, DF + P (on stick) but I did it the same way back in the Vanilla days when I played on pad. Basically slide from DF > D > DF

I had an easier time with Xbox 360’s analog in general but playing pad for PS3 was really hard. The overall analog is larger so my thumb needs to move more as well. I started by just mashing DP, though I don’t approve for actual play. It’s just wiggling your thumb between D, DF, F really fast so you see your character spazz on the screen going from cr. to s. constantly. From there, you’ll gain a sort of muscle memory for it and with a little more conditioned practice, you’ll be able to do it on command with some training. It’s really what chaoslimits says but more of how to execute it. If you think about it – D to DF is essentially a small percentage of the analog as a whole, the key is moving within those restraints without going all wild.

I don’t even play MvC2 but what the hell kind of team is Guile/Cable/Zangief!?

I barely play that anymore, nor got really heavy into it. It was more playing between friends; I wanted to get into it, I really did but Storm/Mag/Sent teams are so old and corny. I only play it on XBL when I’m extremely bored. Guile’s crouch sweep into Flash Kick was dope as fuck, plus he had great HC’s. Cable is well…Cable. Great to charge bars all day, and left for Gief to straight pummel everyone with 5 bar’s at his disposal. It’s a better team than you think, I wish I could make a video of it. In hindsight, maybe I would sub Gief for someone else but it was too great Atomic Bustin’ everyones shit with their horrid teams. You think that’s bad? I’ve seen worse, trust.

We have a Q+A thread stickied on the top, just another heads up

Also, I play on both pads and d-pad as well, so what I do is, I hit and then I slide my thumb, df, df and then I hit HP for hp shouken.

It’s a bad habit to use shortcuts but I really can’t do and then the true DP motion, just feels awkward as hell.

Forward + Down (hit mk) + down Forward + Forward + HP
that how i do it always.

This might be heresy but me and a buddy play ssfiv exclusively on 3ds local wifi.
I’m loving it, portable, gameplay perfect SF on the go.

Anyhow to answer your question as I’ve been playing sakura recently and was having similar issues until I changed my approach with pad.

Basically when playing footsies, I’ll poke with cr. mk -> hp. sho by doing a reverse quarter circle, quarter circle

:f:, :df:, :d:, cr. mk and then :qcf: hp, all in one fluid motion

It’s made it quite a bit easier than trying to do :dp: cr. mk -> hp which often times results in accidental otoshi.

This has also helped with bnb like cr. lk, st. lp, cr. mk -> hp. sho

Just my 2 pence. ggpo

I always get a hadoken when I do this :\

I play pad and as a push cr. mk. im holding down + forward and if the mk hits I go back then forward hp it works sounds weird but it works…

hold down+forward when doing your cr. forward… then immediately do a qcf motion + hard punch --> this should let you buffer the hard punch shouken with your…i also play on pad…always works (PS. the shortcut motion for any DP is holding down+forward then doing a qcf motion)

Don’t need to go all the way to forward though.

I do db + mk, df, f, df, d, df… and yes I play on a PS3 Pad, which I find fucking easy as shit. Y’all must have big ass thumbs lol

wow that’s exactly how i do it too, also on ps3 pad.

My problem with this move is reacting fast enough after the hits.

reacting is tough, I never practiced it as I do it to stuff normals which usually connect.

I am not a pad player… anymore.

I used to use pad with 3s for a while,but that is besides the point.

What I am assuming is that you can take advantage of the shortcuts in SFIV, by instead of using the traditional f,d,df you you can (press down mk then buffer the srk) by pressing df, d, db, df. And pressing the permitted punch button with a “double tap” to make sure it comes out.