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For all the Pad Dans, since I started playing again, I picked up the new Hori pad
hori fighting commander 3

If you are using the madcatz fight pad (which really is the only decent pad to use outside a saturn pad).

This was a godsend considering the saturn pad has just never felt comfortable and Ive gone through 3 fightpads (D-pad always takes a dump, then the inevitable signal interference on the blutooth).

The hori pad is by far the best of the bunch. I actually like the dpad better, mainly because I am less prone to the inevitable occational “hey I didnt do that” from the relaxed input.

The only, and I mean only draw back which had me pull a charlton heston from planet of the apes, was that the 3p, 3k literally have to be L1 and L2. if they could be R1 and R2 this would be the best fighting pad ever created (I never understood why controller makers couldnt do the obvious and make all the buttons on one side and that your input is scewed when trying to input a dpad motion and press a button with the same hand.

Although the overall design of the controller makes it so its not that bad. it was a pain to press the L bumper with an input on the fight pad, not so much with the hori pad. i think im going to crack it open this week and see if I cant flip the L1 + L2 and R1+R2 bumper inputs.

(basically there are two r1 and two r2 buttons, 2 on the face 2 on the bumper, they should have includedsome sort of switch,so you can manually change the bumpers to whatever you want.


I use my laptop’s keyboard ^^

But this information is useful, thanks!

What is the deal with the L1-L2 buttons? You are not allowed to reprogram the pad’s buttons?


The madcatz one is top notch imo. Didnt know hori made a pad ill have to take a look into it


Wow did not know Hori made pads, they make pretty solid sticks (Hori EX2 was my first stick and still works today). 6 face buttons is great, XHM might want to look into this if they make one for the 360. I tried the Madcatz Fightpad (Ryu one even though I ordered the Chun one, stupid Amazon >.<) and didn’t like it, found it too hard to do simple QC motions, needed to change the way I use dpads but still was uncomfortable.


I’m in a comfort zone right now with my 360 analog stick, so I don’t know if I’d be looking to switch, even to a Hori pad. I do have two arcade sticks in my household now, as my rentors have each bought one to play my SSF4, but if I were to switch I’d have to spend months relearning everything I already know. That’s a lot of time to invest, on beyond the $100+ price tag should I want to get my own stick. It’s not as though I have an aspiring pro career to look forward to, I’m old and run a small business which means I work pretty much every day of the year. Not a lot of time to go to Evo with that schedule…


Isnt it tough with only 4 face buttons? (the triggers on the 360 controller always seemed too much like triggers and not very fighting game friendly).

I was always fine with a normal PS controller with SF games until now. If there was no such thing as EX moves I would have never migrated to anything but the stock ps pad (you never needed more than 6 buttons, because 3p/3k always defaulted to lp, lk as I recall in the alpha series) with the introduction of ex moves, it will obviously do the ex move for the special input and you cant have that, and I didnt want to adapt to having to use the L triggers for standard usage (just using them for ultra isnt bad though.)


Yeah, the main thing I like about stick is having the 6 buttons right there, with my fingers constantly hovering over 4 of them :slight_smile:


I have my buttons mapped so MP and MK are on the triggers, and as you see from my Focus Attack use in my videos I do fine with that. :wink: I can access those buttons easily enough. I tend to just use the all punches/kicks buttons (my bumpers) to do EX moves, too, though occasionally on reaction I can sneak in two-button EX Dankus to quickly end a combo when I know my c.MK hit.


I have this pad for the PS3 and felt the same. Hori screwed up with the placement of R1 and R2 in their “natural” places, because if you use a pad, 3P/3K are essential. Hori does make a pad for the X360 which I also own – it is the Horipad EX2 Turbo, and I enjoy it most of all pads on 360 period. It is shaped like the stock 360 pad, but with 6 buttons on front – and thankfully, the 6 buttons on front are LB and RB (which are duplicated on the shoulders; LT and RT are both triggers as they are on the stock pad) – it reminds me a lot of their Hori Fighting Commander 10B for the PS1. Think of it as a 6-button XBOX normal controller with a better D-Pad. I am trying to use the stick more often, but except for easier access to the buttons, it’s way less painful to do routine motions on the pad. If you own a X360 I would suggest getting the HoriPad EX2 Turbo.