Pad For The PC?


I don’t much care for sticks and I’m looking for a solid pad to use on the PC. Any advice?

If I understand this correctly, any pad that works for the Xbox 360 or Xbox One should work with the PC? Is that correct?


nearly any gamepad in existance might work with a pc with adapters or programms, sometimes both.

when you dont plan to play on a ps4 in the future i would go with the original sega saturn pad + adapter.


The new Hori Fighting Commander without the rotating dpad


The Logitech F310 is a good controller. PS style layout and can be switched between xinput or direct input.


Thank you for your assistance everyone.


You need something with Xinput for most games

The cheapest way I know of if you have a PSX or PS2 pad is this

Had has about 30 different names on eBay or Amazon that are a combination of “PS2 Adapter Cable to Microsoft Xbox 360 & PS3 Controller Converter”. It’s $10 US or less shipped on both sites.

The easiest way is the latest Hori Fighting Commander 4 as it has a PC/Xinput mode switch and has a PS3 mode so you can us it on PSP emulators