Pad Gen Players?



Anybody else out there rocking Gen on pad?

I’ve been maining him for a little bit now, as a PS3 pad user, with relative success. There are obvious obstacles, such as the pure impossibility of>hands, but other than that I found I’ve been able to develop my own kind of Gen play around this.

Anyone else in the same boat?


used to be in the same boat, but now I rock my Gen with all combo’s down. PS3 pad on analog stick.


I play Gen on pad on both PS3 and Xbox, medium kick hands combos aren’t a problem for me since I’ve been doing them since Vanilla. However I do still try to develop and different play style.


For the better part of the past few years, i’ve been comfortable with using gen on pad even without the usage of mk hands(especially because i couldn’t plink) but it has allowed me to get creative on how to attack and defend against people and i was able to throw tech quite a bit on pad. i’m making a transaction to stick now and it feels like i’m going to have to learn all over again but i’ll still use pad for tournies until i’m %100 comfortable on stick.




I play on pad, too. Using more than just my thumbs in SF becomes confusing for me. On the other hand I’m faster with a stick. (Got a Hori FS 3.) For example I can’t do charger ultras like Bison’s on pad.
Still, going to stick with pad for some more time. Even though I can’t do mk hands and barely cr mp hands.


Certain plinks are still possible on pad. Well, I guess technically any plink is still possible, some are just more feasible. For example, if you’re set to controller->type B, you can plink fierce with L1/L1+square


I play on madcatz fightpad because when i changed my 360 pad i was a cheap cunt and didn’t want to buy a stick :D. Can do all hands combos and not realy worried about plink.


[quote="MercuryShot, post: 7311343, member: 74439"
There are obvious obstacles, such as the pure impossibility of>hands

Very possible I manage to get mk>hands and>hands out about 99% of the time It’s all about practice.

Slide can be tough on a pad with the normal button config due to the possibility of hitting mk then mp to fast and getting a focus cancel however when MP and HP are switched it becomes really easy to use a slide method.


I just got my MC Fightpad and will now practice this:
Because at the moment I barely get it done by cheating with the turbo function. Aw man. :expressionless:
New d-pad needs some getting used to but Crane U2 now comes out much easier. Feels good man. :>


You just have to do it realy fast. I personaly do smth like mk mp ~ hp ~ mp~lp~mp~hp

Yes i know six inputs. But if i take away the mp for whatever reason it adds another hp and mp hands comeout. When i add the mp it just shows everything the same but without mp. Maybe it’s just my pad idk.

And at first learn mp hands. mp ~ hp ~ lp ~ mp ~ hp seems the best on this pad for me.


Next time I’m playing I’ll definitely try that, I have a fightpad also but I’ve been mainly sticking to xx hands. Looks much easier than I thought

After trying it for a second I can do mk xx hands pretty consistently, though st hp comes out sometimes. Thanks for the tip


Pianoing on the pad works sometimes. With the thumb it worked the first time and then not anymore. Third day of trying now. Blisters achieved. But that’s nothing new to me, got those from the d-pad, too, back then.


I do a thumb slide instead of piano



More videos on his channel.

“impossibility of mk xx hands”.

I laughed out loud.


I’m trying that thumb slide, too. That’s where the blister is from.
Seems like this burns down to a “gifted” thing.


It burns down to button config and practising.

If you go with genetics on this one, you’re making a huge mistake.


besides you dont need it that much. you can still do well with Gen without mk to hands.


I remember the blisters I use to get doing mk hands it wasn’t pretty. As mentioned above once I made and wore the things over my thumbs no more blisters for me!

Honestly as a pad and stick player I think with the right button config going from TC into hands is easier on a pad once you learn how to do it.


You made and wore what? Can’t find that post up there. :slight_smile:
But yeah… Guess I’ll have to experiment with a new button config one day, too. >>