Pad hack for p360 question?

yea wuss up guys kinda new to stick building but i recently bought a p360 stick. I already built a stick out of a ps controller with out dualshock with happ 8-Way Competition Joystick and push button. But my question is do you need to hack a dualshock controler for a p360 stick for the 5v or do ps controllers without dualshock have a 5v already and if they do can anyone show me where on the pcb it is thanks and sorry for the newb question

5V does not exist in any playstation pad because the ps2 only give out a 3V.

yes it does, the original psx digital pad has 5v. its either blue or red wire.

If I recall its 3.3v, but its enough to work, also I use a voltometer to check that though.

I’ve also tested the blue or red (also forget which) running from the ps2, it’s 3.3V. If there’s another 5V somewhere that can be use as a source of power for the 360, I don’t know it. love to be wrong in this case because that would mean that I have a power source for my p360 so please prove me wrong.

I snagged a couple of the solderless hack pads from paik, and the red wire on those works fine with a p360. I made mine about a month and a half ago and it’s worked like a charm.

ok well can someone tell me if the original playstation controller give out 3.3v
this controler
if they do then can anyone show me where

if not do that mean that only playstation controllers with analog only give out the 3.3v?

use the analog

you can also wire a AA battery port into it for the extra. you can run a 360 on anything from 4.75 to 5.25, according to happ, without any damage to the stick. if you undervolt it with just the 3.3 by itself, then you’re going to have to replace the stick within a year or so.

All Playstation 1 and 2 controllers use the 3.3v line coming from the PSX/PS2. Digital, Dual Shock, DualShock 2, whatever. If it plugs into the controller port, it uses the 3.3v.

Theoretically, couldn’t you just replace a couple resistors with smaller resistors to up the voltage going into the controller?

Inside the PS2?!?!? You’re nuts. Use a DC-DC converter. Add a USB cable to your stick to grab the +5 from there. Or just use the 3.3v as is. Trying to modify the power supply inside the PS2 is just nuts.

OK I’ve been building P360’s since 99. DO NOT!!! I repeat do not use the blue wire off of PSX pad. You will at most get a 3.5V signal of PS1 pad(RED WIRE). AS toodles said if it is for PS2 only and you have a newer P360, go USB for the 5V for sure. It is the only way for you to get full response out of your controller.

I went with the usb power. I bought dc-dc converter but doesn’t work…suckssssssassssssss. would have been great if it works. won’t have to drag around 2 wires.

Haha. I mod systems like a madman and rarely mess up. But if you’d explain the USB power for me, it would be great. How you go about wiring to the PCB/stick, etc.

I was wondering what happened with that. Can’t tell sparkfun it was a bad board and get a replacement?

I"m not sure it was a bad board because I plug the battery in and it works, but some how when I plug it in the ps, the voltage went down to 1.x. I’m sure my wiring is correct because it works with the usb cable but not that. but yeah I should email sparkfun to see if I can get a replacement. I read the p360 with the SFAC pcb dj matrix and dreadedfist’s situation and it reminded me of my situation. 5V+ is there but when you tab it, it’s gone.

Is it really that bad to use the 3.3 volts for the p360? Will that make it fail sooner? This is actually the first I’ve heard of that, and I’ve been looking up this stuff for awhile.

Or is it just that some p360’s can work with the 3.3v fine w/o problems and some won’t right off the bat?