PAD hack solder points help OH GOD PLEAE HELP!

ok, i know this has probably been asked a bunch of time and i have used the search function, but most of the threads i found arent really pointing me into the exact answer im looking for. please excuse my spelling… im tired and sleepy and dont really give a shit.

i have a Gamestop pad identical to this

its kinda blurry but you see what i mean.

i started by soldering the A button and the B to 2 seperate cherry switches and then checked if they worked. and no they didnt. i tryed soldering the 2 switches then soldering the switches together and now they both function as X when i havent even touched X. can someone post a pic of EXACTLY where to solder on the pad and how to solder onto the Switches for the pushbuttons and the stick.

this is what i did so far. and when ever i hit either of the buttons it functions as X

Not sure why X would be going off, but I would desolder everything you’ve done, and carefully go through all of the contacts with a multimeter and determine which ones are ground. I think (but I’m not entirely certain) that the Gamestop controller uses common grounds, so if you get a low resistance between two contacts on two different buttons, you’ve found their grounds.

Or, to be completely safe, you could just solder 2 wires per button.