Pad hacked joystick issues with kof 14


before i explain the problem let me say i have been playing kof since 94 and every other fighting game that has been around on stick. i able to do special and combos with no problem for a long time

now my issue is that i have 2 pad hacked sticks and they work perfectly on sf5 and sf 4. but for some reason when i play kof 14 (which i have been playing for 4 days) its seems that sometimes the simplest movement such as a fire ball or leona’s air special just doesnt come out more often then it does. does anyone else have a padhacked stick with the same problem? i play SF% and have no issues at all and i have other sticks made the same way (i make them) and never had an issue with 360/xboxone/ or ps4 for sf5/sf4.

this is something i cant understand, just seeing if anyone else has the same issue.



Umm, it might be how the game handles inputs actually. Like the input buffering and in-game input shortcuts, normally I would say, “GIT GUD!” or “You need to practice.” But I did have this issue (well not really, but I just needed like 10 minutes of practice) in Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, like day one release (since they patched it and made inputs easier), for the Dragon Punch motion (I think the timing to do them was stricter or something and I was kinda new to fighting games at the time). When in +R and #Reload I could do DP loops pretty consistently. But another thing is to try out new joysticks too, chances are you may find one that suits to your executional needs and maybe not, either way it can be a neat experience. Since I doubt the stick being padhacked caused any issues, it doesn’t make any sense if it was causing an issue if it’s working perfectly fine in other PS4 games.


I also have a pad hacked joystick. Unfortunately I don’t have KOFXIV so I can’t test my joystick on the game.

Wish I had KOFXIV early… :coffee:


yeah, because i normally make sticks for a lot of people and so far no one has complained and i get together with a lot of people to play and also go to tournaments and we are well versed on how to do moves from these games. im just mind fucked with this problem. i know they will do an update on release day so hoping that makes a difference


just talked to some friends about it and it seems its happening the same with non padhacked sticks. so not sure what to think now


Like I said, it has to be the way the game is handling inputs right now. I doubt it’s the stick’s fault, or any really. I can probably test this on Friday or something.


cool, thanks for responds… P.S. angel is bad ass and fun to play with


which pads did you use? hopefully not the hfc4 cause that’s what I have and it would suck if this was to happen to me. been looking forward to kofxiv for a while.


He’s probably using the HFC4, and I doubt the PCB is causing the issue. The person also said it’s happening to non padhacked sticks. But really it’s probably just a personal execution issue in the end, just give it a bit of practice and the whole thing would probably play fine at the end for you.


cool, cause I’ve been playing the demo without any problems at all. all the combos are coming out no problem. I should be good then.


HORI Fighting Stick Mini 4 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. It’s so popular sale cheap price. I wonder, Can use modified the stick PCB take to custom joystick? I’ve experienced solder wire.


Yes, you can use the Hori Fighting Mini’s PCB for your current stick. The PCB is common ground and it doesn’t require using diodes of any sort.


I have no problems with KOF14 with my padhack, Fightboard and regular sticks. Like people said some games inputs are different, some have input buffers, a lot of input lag, and some games have very little to no buffer so motions are much stricter and unforgiving so you pretty much just have to practice.


With the same stick lever?


yes, it’s actually one of the easiest pcb’s to mod. go ahead and get it. do a search on it and there’s a pic around here that mapped all the buttons.

here you go


KOF XIV hori new joystick licensed for PS4 and PS3. it cost $150