Pad hacking a ps3 wireless controller

Hey! I was going to try to hack my Saturn Virtua stick with a ps3 wireless controller. Any help on pad hacking? I can’t seem to find anywhere some kind of diagram where the ground and places where to solder are.


My Leo board can help you out

I really think that a Axis Adaptor is really worth the money as opposed to try to attempt to solder directly to the board. I’ve already seen about 2 people attempt to do this and fuck it up on this board when it would have been cheaper to go the Axis adaptor route.

You are not trying to dual mod? Right?
If dual modding Gummowned is the way to go.

I know my Leo board isn’t as well known as the AxisAdaptor made by Toddles and ShinJN, but the Leo board doesn’t have to be just used in a dual wireless setup. It can be used in a ps3 only setup as well.

And at a competitive price as well! I haven’t checked out your Leo board thread in a while. I think I should order one of those badboys, I already have a wireless 360 stick with room for a sixaxis and Leo

Have you thought about talking to Chad and selling them at LizardLick? Not sure how many of the first run you have left but I’m sure there are more people that would like that kind of setup.

And hopefully I’ll have mine done in no more than 2 weeks. Finishing the case is what’s holding me up now…