Pad help, please. PS2 DS2 "A" Series (18-pin)

I’m attempting to use the SpiffyShoes solderless PCB hack but am having difficulty with this PS2 DualShock 2 “A” series board. I’ve determined the pin layout to be:

  1. L2
  2. L1
  3. Up
  4. Left
  5. Down
  6. Right
  7. Select
  8. Analog
  9. Start
  10. Ground (for 7, 8, 9)
  11. Ground (for other buttons, directions)
  12. ?
  13. Square
  14. Cross
  15. Circle
  16. Triangle
  17. R1
  18. R2

By using the #10 ground, I am able to get Select and Start to work (and presumably Analog). However, I cannot seem to get any other buttons/directions to work. I have tried using 10, 11, and 12 as a ground but can’t seem to get them to register.

I’m not even sure what 12 really is and I’m sure that’s part of my problem.

Can anybody give me a hand with this? I’ve been through the packhacking thread but didn’t see any mention to the 18-pin DS2, only the 16-pin DS that SpiffyShoes used in his article.


spiffyshoes is for DS1 not DS2

You should probably post this in the padhacking thread.

I saw that he used a DS1 but since this board is so similar (except it has two extra pins), I didn’t see why it wouldn’t work for it, too.

IIRC, the analog buttons complicate things.

I’ll try that. Thanks.

I honestly thought I would have trouble with the Select/Start/Analog buttons (since they had their own dedicated ground) but they are the only ones that seem to work. It’s everything else that doesn’t!

The complete opposite of what I was expecting.

I believe someone posted that the voltage in the pad decreases as more buttons are depressed. Maybe something related to that is causing problems?

You are misinterpreting, he is not referring the the button labeled “Analog” but the fact that every button except Start/Select/Analog are themselves analog, i.e. pressure sensitive.

You’re right, I was misinterpreting. Thanks for the clarification, Mayhem.

this makes sense