Pad help, please?

Hi, guys. Newbie here. After searching the forums, I haven’t quite found the best answer for me so I thought I’d ask around.

I recently bought a Hori Fighting Commander 3 pad for the PS3 to mostly play SSF4 on and absolutely love it. The only problem is that this is a PS3 controller so I can’t use it whenever I play with buddies who have an Xbox 360. I don’t think Hori makes this pad for the 360 so I was wondering if anyone would know if there are any pads out there for the 360 that are very similar to the pad I have? Maybe even a converter that’s compatible with my pad? Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

I should also point out that I’m not too serious of a player so I won’t be switching to a stick soon or modding any pads I have now. Thanks, guys!

An Xbox 360 TE PCB can fit inside the HORI Fighting Commander 3.
Meaning it can be Dual Modded.

Any Converters?

Don’t want to mod or hire someone to mod?

Then no.

Thanks for the reply, guys.

Hmm, I guess modding is the only option for a decent 360 fighting pad? That’s interesting. Any fellow pad players out there actually find a good one to buy for the Xbox? The only thing I really care about is a good D-pad. Even when I google, the only semi-decent one I see is the “Xbox 360 Pad EX2 with turbo”.

Out of curiosity, if I decide to go ahead and just mod something, are things like that usually banned in most tournaments (EVO, for example)? Just wondering in case I enter one for fun one day. Thanks again!

I liked the madcatz pad - the d-pad is nice and I could put it in exactly the right place to execute all the moves I wanted to. The buttons are fine too.

I only moved to stick because I wanted to play at the local arcade, and I couldn’t do anything on the stick :wink:

Closest thing to a Fighting commander 3 for the Xbox 360 is the Xbox 360 Hori Turbo Pad EX 2.
(Not to be confused with theHori EX Turbo pad).

I found the black EX 2 turbo pad on Amazon for you at $26 dollars

I don’t have one of those but it looks very, very different to me.

I haven’t actually touched one but just by looking, if I wanted something similar to the HFC3 and had to use a 360, I’d probably go with a Madcatz SSIV fighting pads. Like the HFC3, the grips appear to be a part of the body rather than jutting out from it, the D-pad is in primary position and the face buttons appear to have the same general layout and look to be rather uniform in size/shape…

Granted the only one of the controllers in question I’ve actually held is the FC3 so yeah…

Oops. I probably should’ve mentioned I tried out the Madcatz fightpad already on the PS3. Like all the other horror stories I’ve read about, mine stopped working in about 3 or 4 months. I guess there’s a chance that the 360 ones might be different but I really don’t feel like getting ripped off again.

That Hori EX2 pad is looking like my best bet right now. The only thing concerning me is the placement of the D-pad. It looks like I’d have to stretch my thumb out a bit farther to the right. I guess it’s time I start reading up on reviews or just bite the bullet and get one

I had used the Hori Turbo Pad EX2 extensively for fighting games until I let it go. Here are my thoughts on it.
It in no way feels anywhere close to an all digital 6 button pad. Instead it feels more like a full controller with 2 extra face buttons. The dpad on it is excellent much like the Hori Fighting Commander 3, however the placement of it makes holding the pad seem awkward and possibly uncomfortable. I do not like the 6 face buttons as they are just too small compared to the buttons on the Hori FC3, Madcatz fightpad, and PDP Vs Pad. The long grip on the right side can make grips like the 3 finger grip (wouldn’t know an official name) uncomfortable.
I could deal with those things personally, but then a huge issue arises. I have plenty of reason to believe that all of these pads have a manufacturing defect where the analog sticks randomly register a direction even when sitting neutral. The occurrence of such is completely random, and can really bother your game unnecessarily. I tested 4 different Turbo Pad EX2’s, and they all had the same issue. This defect is the main reason I gave mine away.