Pad on Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown


I have been playing VF5 for a while on pad, but not very intensively 'cause I prefer SFIV.
Can someone tell me,is there moves that you are unable to do with some characters on pad?I don’t ask if they are difficult, but are there impossible moves?
When I play a fighter I like to be able to do everythings not just skip things, that’s why Im asking.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


The only moves you’ll have to worry about are Akira’s 1 frame knee (K:G), unless you can rearrange your button config in some weird way


My ex’s older brother says I am cheating cause I use a pad. He claims I move differently than you normally would on a stick, which tricks him and ruins the feel of the game. I used autofire to escape all his throws! Not sure if he plays VF5. This was on Playstation 2 and VF4. Would be hilarious to play against him again on this new Virtua Fighter, w.