Pad player fears and stigmas (questions inside)


so i’ve been using both pad and stick (not at the same time…that would be ridiculous) and i really find myself preferring pad. what i want to know is, will my binding of PPP or KKK to a single button be frowned upon in tournaments? i ask not because i intend to enter any tournaments any time soon, but only for the etiquette.


It’s usually allowed in Tournies, but there are those with different thoughts on the matter. You’re good to go. Me? I have Focus Attack on L Trigger. Imagine the controversy there.


I think most tournaments will allow any type of button configuration that the game will allow. If you are unsure it may say in the official rules. Or you could just ask whoever is in charge.


Shouldn’t matter. I haven’t had any problems with my button mapping in tourneys.


yes it is frowned upon
people who are consistently winning tournaments still make errors from time to time when having to hit multiple buttons at the same time
and some times it costs them the match

now when u are mapping 3p\3k to a single button you take away any chance of error on your part as far as hitting multiple buttons at once goes

so dashing\ultras ect… become a lot easier

but in the end u will rarely find someone taking top 3 at fighting game tournies outside of ekken and sc with a pad anyway
i think it shouldnt be allowed

but in the end its up to the discretion of the people running the tournament


Something I wrote in another thread:

Really, nowadays 99% of (SF4) tournaments will allow them. I’d say maybe 90% of tourneys will allow the rest of them as well (throw, focus, taunt shortcuts).

Sweet article about some of the best SF4 pad players around right now:

There have been some great pad players around for quite a few years now, and it seems like there are more and more every day.

The majority of competent competitive players prefer arcade controls, but never be afraid to use what works best for YOU.



It’s throwaway comments like this that led Goro to jump off that cliff. You should be ashamed of yourself, think about the struggle our quad-armed brethren go through for a change.


damn, i have set them back, huh? two hi-fives forward, four hi-5’s back. when will we learn? i kept telling him, 'yo goro, how you gonna stop people from saying ‘fo arms’ when you call all your friends ‘fo arms’? i know it’s a term of endearment and all, but just because you have four arms, it doesn’t exclude you.

geez. i apologize.


You should bear in mind though, it takes a bit of time to get used to a stick, varying between days to a month or more depending on the person and amount played. It feels hella weird and limited at first.

As for the multiple buttons, there are a number of stick players who might think less of you or your skill for it but that’s about it.


no. it’s alright. if you’re opponent lost to you and think he lost cause of a 3 button key bind that’s sad. use your pad if you like it.


Shizza a really good pad player just came second in LA Riots II and he has shown that you can do really well even if you play pad.


never said it was impossible just rare


Yeah it’s rare but these days it’s happening more and more.


someone who’s good at the game will win whether they’re playing pad or not, as long as they can do what they need to do when they need to do it. the gamestop tourney proved that, didn’t it?


I think the popular option is sticks but it’s preference now. A good player is a good player.


I used a pad for fighting games for about 15 years recreational, and here is my 2cents. It will mess your left wrist up.
Mabey not everyone else will agree. mabey its because I used the ball of my thumb as oppesed to the tip.
Ive also broken it riding BMX and had surgery to repair it, but regardless… I had to switch to joystick becasue of the pain, joystick was way easier on me.


there may be advantages to binding due to pad short-comings, but, at least with my setup, there are also sacrifices. for example, whatever i map to the L1 and L2 are pretty much going to go unused, thus limiting my offense and my ablity to fully utilize a character. if anyone wants to chalk up a victory to my being able to press PPP or KKK perfectly, then they should also be prepared to give me props for winning without using my medium kick (L1).

i’m 28 and i’ve been playing at arcades since i was 12, but to be honest, nothing felt as comfortable as a SNES pad when i was playing street fighter. i’ve tried the stick and will continue to practice, but i know that as of rght now, if i need to pull out a clutch win, i’m going to my pad.


Play with whatever you feel comfortable with! It’s not the tools that make the player. Use a pad, use an arcade stick, even use an airplane sim joystick if you want! One of my friends was saying he wanted to bring his steering wheel to a tournament! :rock:

Street Fighter 4? Do you have any sources of said players stating this? Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever missed a 3p or 3k because they are so easy to do in sf4. Maybe in super turbo yeah… but the good players don’t miss it. It’s second nature to them. I don’t think theres an advantage anyways. Sure, you’re removing the element of human error, but the good players don’t miss simple button combinations so at higher levels the argument is void. Of course it’s huge for me to say that good players don’t ever miss the button combos… sure they do.


its because sf4 is so fucking retarded to execute that having a pad isn’t that much of a handicap. Sf4 has been specifically tailored to newer players. Well, those players aren’t going to have a sticks so they had to take into account pads. If the game were like ST, it’ll be impossible to play on a pad so its only natural that thye made the game less execution heavy to allow pad players to have a shot.

Its not that pad players are getting better, its that pad players are currently playing easier games.


Like Street Fighter 4 and…?