Pad player in street fighter equals rage!

I know im going to get trolled for this but im gonna cry about it anyways lol. I’m so ready to throw in the towel and become a snotty stick player actin like im gods gift to earth! because I can play with the best of em and have on So CAlled easy mode games like guilty gear and all of the marvel vs capcom games that primarily relied on your timing to chain combos But linking :* dont get me started on it. It’s so hard for me to link that I can only link 50% of the time correctly on a game Known as sfxt which is known to have so called easy Links! and before someone even mentions yes I’ve looked at the plinking and double tappin guides and on every video its some dude with a fight stick never A ps3 xbox 360 or even madcatz fight pads…

ps if i do throw in the towel to learn stick how long is the transition usually

You can plink on a pad, Alioune Sensei does it all the time! And the last match I saw him play was a close one versus Tokido in the grand finals (can’t remember the tourney name), so he’s certainly no slouch.

It looks uncomfortable to me, but there’s a good shot at the beginning of this video:

More videos from that set are here,

Not sure how many of them have close-ups on his hands, but it’s definitely impressive! And don’t go calling stick players uppity…there are a lot of them here, myself included. As for the transition, I guess it depends on the person. I’ve hardly played in arcades, so the transition took awhile (still have hiccups every now and then)…probably about 2 months of an hour or 2 a day to get back to where I was on pad. My consistency improved substantially though when I finally got to the point where I could plink well.

I know its very wrong to generalize people but i know from experience just the site of a pad player will make most stick players smile and Shout Free until they’re proven wrong, and when i first picked up the street fighter series( not fightin games in general) which was afew months ago and asked a good button config for this 6 button layout you already should know people just push you to use a stick because " basement dwellers are the types that use pad". But thanks for the video well appreciated

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