Pad players, how do you hold TAP?

Or do you know how pros like Smug does it?

Stick player here, so take it FWIW. When top Balrogs charge TAP, they usually use HP+HK (V-Trigger). These two are the least useful normals out of the six. You NEVER want to charge with MP since it’s your AA and cr.MP is a great poke and pressure tool to boot. Lights are great to pressure and when being pressured. MK is a great pressure tool and cr.MK is another great poke. So that leaves us with HP and HK.

So to finally answer your question, I would imagine Balrog players charging TAP by assigning V-Trigger to (presumably) one of triggers/shoulder buttons.

Isn’t c HP an equally good AA that crush counters to boot? s MK is also a good poke and I like s HP all DAY, son, so if you use s HP instead of c MP and c HP instead of s MP you could hold MP? I’d say HK but s HK is so important. If he had a 3f with an LP normal I’d say holding LK is an option too but s LK is unfortunately his 3f. Pad player here but I can interchange between stick or pad.

Just want to say I enjoy using Shotos for fun on the side and Balrog is SUCH an anti zoner character. It’s rediculous how many anti-fireball moves he has.

Cr.Hp is definitely a great AA, and bests in some situations (such as AAing Vega’s Barcelona moves). However, it only CCs if it hits on the first frame which more than likely won’t happen when you anti air, since you want to AA them early. Also to note, it’s a way slower move. I’d personally take the consistency route, rather than trying to cash in damage. You want to focus on the footsies aspect as much as possible. In this game, if you let somebody jump in AND hit you because you were too late on the anti airs. It’s pretty much GGs.
Lastly, recovers way faster which allows in most cases for better pressure after the opponent resets.

St.hp is a solid move, but isn’t nearly as important as,, is IMO. It’s slow and easily CCable or flat out whiff punished. J.Mk however is his only useful jump in move if you already charge with HK. This move is also a broken air to air. Lastly, and this one’s pretty big, you lose your v-skill.

Charging with lights is a terrible idea since they are great for pressure and dealing with pressure. For example, if you use lights you no longer have the option to tech throws, and by extension, no longer jump back OS.

I need to TAP more. I only use it defensively at the moment when knocked down as an anti grapple tool.

Anyone charge 2 taps at once on a pad?

When I play MvC3 if I use Zero I set one of my shoulder buttons to Light attack, same with Vergil. L1 and L2 are assist 1 and 2, R1 is medium and Hard [cause pressing Square and Circle isn’t always precise], R2 is light.

So with Zero I’ll press R2 [and hold it], triangle, circle, forward Circle [and hold while releasing R2], Square [then press and hold R2], Triangle, Circle, forward circle, X, up, Triangle x2, Circle, X, Medium lightning [then release R2, but then press and hold it again immediately], Circle, X, up, Triangle, triangle, Circle, X, Medium lightning [with triangle] then release R2… activate shadow clone with qcb R1 [medium and hard], and go on with tiger knee dp triangles for the lightning while releasing and holding R2 for the buster.

In SF4 with Cody I set L2 as light punch and L1 is set to either 3 kick or 3 punch depending on the ultra I picked. I can hold L2 if I start a combo empty charge and keep on holding the last punch pressed and release both for EX sucker punch [forgot the name of his charge attack] or I can bait with a taunt and cancel the taunt into the charge attack but pressing R1 and R2, and holding R1 [hard punch] and releasing if they fall for the bait.

But, personally i don’t play many charge characters like Zero or Cody or Balrog. I was just never that into them.

Speaking of Pad vs Stick.
In Soul Calibur I find it a LOT easier to do Nightmare and Seigs agA on pad than I do stick.
If you haven’t guessed, my favorite controller is a PlayStation controller [But specifically PS1 since there are no analogues on it. In SCV I found the analogue to be a hinderance in practice mode when there is NO FUCKING WAY TO MAKE THE ANALOGUE DO NOTHING AT ALL and I’ll accidentally hit the right analogue stick… sigh…thankfully it does nothing in vs mode]. On pad I set it up so that L1 is A and the face buttons are default so agA is Sliding over Square and X to nothing with your right thumb then pressing L1 with my left index finger. On stick I’ve tried setting it up so that I have 3 buttons in a row set as A, G, A and just sliding across, but that’s less consistent for me. So I’d rather use a pad for Soul Cal. Well, every game really.

Doing Zero Charge combos is easier for me, personally, on a stick until I get to the lightning part since I’m really bad at directional input on a stick. I’m used to pad. But it’s not that much more work to just get the charging down on a pad, I just need to set a button to Light and my dash as Medium, Hard, so I can super while holding light.