Pad players, I need your help


Can you go into training mode and do this: block Nash’s then punish with Mika’s CA (record the dummy to jump since Mika’s CA is a throw). Then tell me how consistent you can do this and what pad you’re using. Pls don’t think I’m a noob, this is much harder to do than you think.

The reason is I’m using the new Hori Fighting Commander and almost every time I try to do this, I’m either too late or the “back input” misses. It’s a billion times easier to do it on a keyboard or stick. Also on an unrelated note, does anyone think a hitbox/keyboard is the best controller to play SFV?


No to hitbox/keyboard
Fuck no

Unless you plan on competing at EVO next year, PS4 Controller > all other pads


do you mean forward hard punch?
nash has no


He does, it’s his overhead.


I’m at work right now, but I can do this for you later.


Thanks! what pad are you using?


I can test this now.

Alright, I tested this out and i will say i was able to get it about 7 times out of 10. However, i found that punishing with st.MP then linking/canceling (Both works ) into super was much more consistent and way easier.
Also after practicing it for about 15 minutes, i can get it almost 9 times out of 10 now.
I am using a regular PS4 pad.