Pad Players - Tips?


Is it possible to play MvC2 at a decent level with a pad? I picked up a couple of the Sega Saturn USB pads for PS3 a couple weeks ago in anticipation of this game, so I have solid pads. I’d prefer not to buy a stick because the only fighting games I play are STHDR and MvC2.

But I’m wondering how well pads actually work out in this game. I’m having a lot of trouble pulling off air combos and canceling into super moves, mainly because my inputs on the super moves are pretty spotty. Would it be better to lay down the controller and use my fingers on the buttons like I would if I had a stick? I find it difficult to pull off the DP and DK inputs for supers if I’m using only my thumb.

Anyone have any general tips to be proficient with a pad in this game?


One of the most important things you must to learn when playing in pad is how to scape from the GravXXTempest combo (magneto), if you cant mash out this combo its very hard to beat MSP… I think team Scrub (Cable, Sentinel, Captain Commando) is the best option to a pad player, learning how to guard cancel and some other mechanics you can do a lot of perfect AHVBs. In the other hand, if you practice a lot you can use MSP too, if Im not wrong, Fanatic play MvC2 with pad and do very well with this team.
Its my opinion… its sure you can play with the team you want if practice hard.


Here’s my tips on contoller setup (ps3). Like S-Nergal, I set assist2 to L2. Also, I set low punch to R1 and low kick to R2.

If you’re like me, then it’s wierd to press square and triangle and expect a super to come out reliably. So I “pinch” R1 and triangle with my thumb and index…


im a pad player a very good one at that, i can pull anything off, but jea practice makes perfect


i would say the most important thing is mess around with the control configuration until you figure out what feels good to you. I messed around with like 5 different set-ups until I figured out what worked for me and it was easily my biggest barrier to improving.


I play on pad as well. I actually hold the controller in my lap, and tap the buttons like I would on a normal stick. Index finger on jab, middle finger on fierce. I also set the assists to the R1, R2 triggers and use my fourth finger to call assists.

I can do fastflys, unflys, mag’s infinite stuffs… so I would say ya, you can play well on pad if you practice.


Yeah, heres my tip, get a stick.


A stick is far preferable, but decent pad play can be done. I have seen some amazing pad players in years past.

I’ve gotten okay at it… but then again I’m not playing Mag/Storm. The main reason I am posting is to mention these little extenders I bought at Best Buy for the PS3 L2/R2 buttons. I use L2 for Assist 2, and I have to say it has helped.

I can’t really imagine any other game needing that extra smidge of precision to where it would matter; maybe FPS I guess, I don’t play them (yet). But it has made a noticeable difference for me with Marvel. You get 2 for $5, so you can save one for a spare.


ok my pad tip for the future baby is to change ur button layout so its easier to dash , super ect…

it kinda hard to get use to but when u get a hang of it really good. lp(square) hp(X) lk(triangle) and Hk(O) or xbox lp(x) hp(a) lk(y) hk(b) and the assist is up to u really any of the r,l triggers do

believe u and me it will improve ur game


Well, I’m a pad player myself and I can do pretty much everything I need…
I can mash out tempest, do mags inf, and a lot more…
so, yes, it’s possible to play on a decent level with a pad…

Any time a this subject shows up, I like to show this vid…
well, it’s not a godly player, but, well, this is pretty nice execution if you ask me…

just wait till the end of the vid, where they do a closeup at hands.



mashin time

One thing you can try to take advantage of… and I dunno if its just me… but some moves/throws can be mashed like a mofo using a vibrate back and forth motion w/yer thumb on the pad. If the rule on stick is make the wood clack… the rule on pad is make your elbow shake… like your buffing the tiny spot between the pad buttons (this wont work with the jenky ass 360 dpad as well prolly) but on a ps pad I can actually mash a lot better than using stick.

Honestly… I learned stick a couple years back… and I wish I had stuck to pad as strange as it sounds. There isn’t a huge number of things that are any harder on pad… but the main reason is fucking stick consistency. I play on about 4 - 5 different sticks on a regular basis… and unless I have my own w/me (not always possible on coin op or other consoles) I mess up stuff sometimes b/c of the damn variance in stick.


hmmm, this is very interesting…
I always mash on the analog control… and my success rate escaping grav tempest is just so so on pad…

I’ll try it this way next time I play…
I always used it to press buttons faster, but not on dpad…

There’s a guy I play with that uses grav tempests all the time…
I’ll try playing him today :cybot:


Is it 100% possible to play a high level on pad. Blocking seems to be easier on pad because you just move your thumb and not your whole hand.

The main difficulties I see with pad playing are:

  1. Mashing out of Hypergrav tempest
  2. The pad deteriorate after time
  3. Doing fast fly combos with Sentinel while trying to hit the right trigger on Dreamcast


I used to play on pad on DC. could do roms, slide infs, unfly infs, etc.etc. no problem.

never had a chance to learn to mash out of HgMt on pad. but I know it’s possible.

mashing otherwise is no problem, as I piano the keys to mash usually anyway (even now on stick)

they sell these nice DC pads where the should buttons are on the front. this one good pad player from chi uses that. I might’ve stuck with pad if I knew about those before :stuck_out_tongue:


Protip: Get a stick.


i play pad occasionally, but I mainly use Cable or Clockw0rk.
I’m Decent with Mag on pad and can fly-unfly with Sent (Not IM… :frowning: )
So it’s really just a matter of practice.

It also helps for DP and DK if you hit the button kinda on an angle.


I’ll tell you one thing don’t buy one of those Fightpads. I like the layout but it is impossible to do HCF or HCB movements on this thing. Doing ROM is way harder than it should be as well.

Like someone else said though if your playing on a pad put your fingers over the buttons like you would a sick (don’t use your thumb)


Funny, I play on a Fightpad and can do a lot of things on it just fine including ROM, 3xFierce, HGxxTemptest etc. :confused: My only problem with the pad is that Blanka is on it. :annoy:


Lol yeah I got the blanka one as well. I can ROM on it but can’t do it for many reps without any great deal of consistency. Same with HCF and HCB motions. I just feels like so much effort to switch directions as compared to a stick, like you have to move your hand so much more.

Had no problems doing anything on the DC controller though, my thumb would hurt after playing for a while =(


I play marvel on a saturn usb even though I have a stick (pad warrior)

Very hard to mash outta stuff, and like somebody said controller configuration is very important. I had to keep changing mine up a lot until I got down the style I wanted. When I busted out my stick, I didn’t change as much.