Pad players?



Wondering if any pad players use zero. It’s basically impossible for me to buster charge during a combo. I also tap the buttons with my fingers instead of using my thumb. Any tips?

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for me i use the alpha set up and change my left trigger or L2 to low atk, and i changed my R2 or right trigger to high atk…took a little while of getting used too but this way i can still do buster switching within my combos and i can have access to all my attacks…2 problems that ive sorta gotten over were hitting my assists while holding the charge on the same side…i mean i can hit it with the side of my finger but it was very annoying at first. and the last problem i guess was hitting x-factor but my thumbs gotten used to just hitting XYBA at the same time on the surface of the pad. so i gues it wouldnt call it problems more like inconveniences


Change your assists to L2 and R2, then set L1 to L. It will take some getting used to, but it will be worth it in the long run. A lot of people recommending changing L2 to L, but L1 is a lot easier and more comfortable to hold for long periods of time.


My set up Xbox Controller
LT - Light Attack
LB - Assist 1
LS - Assist 1
RT - Dash (H,M,L)
RB - Assist 2
RS- X-Factor

The reason for this setup:
I use my left index finger for the LT which prevents me from using Assist 1, so having LS to Assist 1 lets me call in the assist for any charge characters I use. The RS is for any easy one button X-Factor .


I play zero on pad and have everything on default. I hold buster w/ the square/light button on my ps3 controller and use medium to button switch and frame trap w/ zero’s light attack button and other stuff like going for instant overheads and high/low mixups when pinned down.


You should also mention you charge with your thumb on square and use your index finger/side of your index finger to hit the other face buttons.


^O yeah that too lol
I believe Tayson plays like that as well.


for me on ps3
R1- Light attack
L1-assist 1
L2-assist 2
having those button as assist means that i dont get confused on my team order, i use my right index for R1 while i use my thumb for square, triangle, circle, x… i also use the d-pad instead of the analog…


Change one of the triggers to Low attack, it is a lot easier this way, using pad or stick is indifferent, i feel more comfortable with the pad, don’t worry in 2 or 3 days you will get used in chargind your buster with one of the triggers.


what button(s) do you guys use for dashing on pad? cuz i kno for fanatiq, he uses 2 different dash buttons (both are trigger buttons) so he can rush down with heavy/light and he’ll use the dash buttons accordingly


L1 = L
L2 = Assist 1
R1 = M+H
R2 = Assist 2

If you are using a PS3 controller, DO NOT use L2 or R2 as your charge button. It’s really not very comfortable to hold for long periods of time.


^totally agreed,this stuff goes same to Vergil’s round trip


I did it like this.

Square = L
X = M
Circle = H
Triangle = S

L1 = Assist 1
L2 = Assist 2
R1= L
R2 = M

R3 (Right analog stick clicked in) = X-factor (L,M,H,S)

This way you can hold R1 while hitting all the other buttons with your thumb allowing you to charge up the buster. Eventually I also made R2 M so I could charge up the busted and still use the L version of lightning. Worked well for me.

I quit playing Zero though. Good luck to you! It’s not too hard once you get used to it.